Right to Travel

This is being presented as an example of what one CAN do if one feels there is not a way to be free from the misuse of power by City, County or State government. This was developed as a response to the false jurisdiction assumed by our government at all levels. It is effective only when used as part of a complete package of affidavits and a comprehensive removal of the Strawman name jurisdiction which needs to be challenged in writing as well as other forms designed to completely remove ANY assumption of an adherence to any adhesion contracts or assumptions of jurisdiction based on your signature on the same.

Dear Sir,

This cover letter must be included as part of all other documents in this mailing. I am responding to your mailings dated, (_______). Your mailings are improperly addressed and the actions described within the correspondence are to be considered unlawful and fall outside of any direct or tangential “jurisdiction” implied or otherwise, as all original jurisdiction lies with the people.

Your actions are unconstitutional and as such are unlawful under Natural & International Law, the Laws of Nations and the Constitution for the united states of America. To disallow or attempt to unlawfully regulate the right to travel by automobile is a violation of the natural right to self preservation, livelihood, happiness and the Constitution and falls outside of any assumed “jurisdiction”. Original jurisdiction belongs to the people. There is no authority for the unlawful suspension of any rights. Further, you have no authority to make any such determination. Your actions CANNOT be ignored. As such herein is my response.

There is no authority in law for any State Department of Transportation to create, set, enforce, or prosecute law, or deliver ultimatums to individual American citizens. Pennsylvania Vehicle code Section 1786(d) is being misapplied to unlawfully include American citizens engaged in common travel to further their prosperity and success. These codes are not clearly written to include non-commercial activity, but are clearly written tot include COMMERCIAL USE OF THE ROADS ONLY.

The mandate in Art. I, Section 8, Part 3, of the Constitution, “to regulate commerce… among the several States” was included so one state could not burden another with levies or taxes, etc, not as a blank slate for manipulation of federal power. Opinion can be manipulated to express everything we do as having an effect on interstate commerce. To allow this wide open door of corruption and abuse to become law is preposterous. The right to travel clearly falls outside of this area or “jurisdiction”. This lawful right to travel is reinforced in Thompson V. Smith 154 SE 579


“The right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his/her property thereon, either by carriage or automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city [or State] may prohibit or permit at will, but a common right which he/she has [inherently] under the right to ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’.”

This right is further supported in Chicago Motor Coach V. Chicago, 169 NE 22

“Even the legislature has no power to deny to a Citizen the right to travel upon the highway and transport his/her property in the ordinary course of his/her business or pleasure,…”

American citizens, simply seeking “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” through travel must not have that right removed BY ANYONE, without “due process” of law.

As stated by Mr. Justice Sutherland in 1926:

“It would be a palpable incongruity to strike down an act of state legislation which,seeks to strip the citizens of rights guaranteed by the federal Constitution, but to uphold an act by which the same result is accomplished under the guise of a surrender of a right in exchange for a valuable privilege which the state threatens otherwise to withhold. . . . If the state may compel the surrender of one constitutional right as a condition of its favor, it may, in like manner; compel a surrender of all. It is inconceivable that guarantees embedded in the Constitution of the United States may thus be manipulated out of existence.”

Further it is stated that;

“Private interests are to be evaluated under the due process clause of the fourteenth Amendment, not in terms of labels or fictions, but in terms of their true significance and worth.”

William W. Van Alstyne - Harvard Law Review, Vol. 81:1439

What’s clear is that American citizens have a right to travel by the standard conveyance of the times.

–“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among (not over) Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” -- Declaration of Independence.

This power does not descend from government, it descends:

  1. from God,
  2. to free men/women, through private property rights and the right to travel, and then,
  3. to governments by permission of those free men/women.

This idea of rights occurring in this order is supported by our founding documents, wherein:

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

“The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”9th Amendment


“The powers not delegated to the United States (federal government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it (the Constitution) to the States, are reserved to the States (discretion) respectively, or to the people (at their discretion).”10th Amendment

The right to travel has also been reinforced in briefs, affidavits and notices included as part of this mailing. You must adhere to this LAWFUL request. You must lawfully respond or face default. If you should default and not LAWFULLY respond, your non-response or inaction will be considered acquiescence. I am under NO legal obligation to notice you further.

This information is being presented to you without prejudice or malicious intent. It is given as a courtesy and done so lawfully. If you refuse to respond properly within ten working days from the time of receipt of this correspondence you will be in default and no further legal notice will be given. You will forfeit all right to defense of any kind and any violation may be prosecuted under federal law for crimes, including but not limited to, Title 18, §241, 242. You MUST respond properly to this request. The request is lawful and MUST NOT be ignored. You have TEN DAYS to respond.


Your Name Here

c/o Your Street Address

Your Town, Your State Republic (No Abbreviations)

usA Non-Domestic

P.S.Return address must be copied EXACTLY as written. If there is ANY error in your response, it will be considered willful and UNLAWFUL and will be refused for cause and returned to you unopened. This requirement must not be ignored.

Thank You,


Your Name Here

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The room was REALLY full. There must have been 20 people that went before me. She took me LAST!!!! I NEVER walk past the bar onto the  BOAT!!!
Here is the audio from hearing on Wed May 21, 2014..... Towards the end she can't find my Affidavit of Neg Averment... and as you will read has sent me back many of my pleadings!
You can read the affidavit in the Writ as an exhibit.... This woman is throwing everything out of the record she does not like....... UNBELIEVABLE.....
I hope you understand she did NOT find me guilty of contempt for what the hearing was over that she arrested me for. This is the SECOND time my body has been abducted under threat and gun point for NO wrongdoing.....
I still am waiting to receive the audio recording from the arraignment on Tue May 13 to get out of jail from the arrest on the 12th..... You will like that even more...
This judge wants an audience and to keep that court room full. She has been in office since Jan 2012 but has SUBBED for many years. Her mission is to keep the Sheriff's HOTEL occupied to full capacity. Even if it is unconstitutional.
I am simply being attacked to keep me away from my Dad because they are stealing my family's estate. That is the TRUTH....
I appreciate your feedback.
BTW Thanks Morton for posting this story.....

I thank the author for producing this document but then I've personally seen a court that has no flag or flag pole over it or in it. The court in and of itself is evidence of utter disrespect and disdain of proper law. For I have taken an oath to the singular flag. Red, white and blue. Anytime you see a president parade around saying "Now we see a New World Order"

And Obama with a Che Guevara flag in his campain office, that's your signal that our constitution does not apply or is not applicable any longer in the courts.

Look people I live in the light of day people. We The People know it, the courts know it, the so- called president knows it.

Let me ask you all a question:
Based on all the flags so far mentioned and one other that you can find on YouTube, Search:
Tyranny, U.N. flag stands taller than U.S. flag.

The question is

Will it be a:
Constitutional, Old Glory red white and blue flag without gold fringed where all your constitutional rights are respected and revered and not reversed under God?

Will it be a U.C.M.J. GOLD FRINGED MILITARY, ADMIRALITY, MARTIAL LAW INC. FLAG where you are guilty until proven innocent?

where you have no rights unless the United Nations, One World Order give them to you?

Or perhaps maybe it's going to be the Hillary Clinton upside down satanic star flag I've seen on YouTube?

Or maybe its going to be the Chinese flag that I've seen in news reports on yahoo that Gavin Newsome is rumored to have raised over city hall San Francisco?

My mind is mushy at the moment in thought.


Please also note:

ISIS Said they want to take our flag down over the white house.

Applying thought about that viral statement concerning the courts and their many flags.

Before you can put up the ISIS flag you've got to take mine down.


I have a question for you. Do I have the right to receive mail at residence?

Post office to refusing to deliver- please give me your opinion.

Inspector general is telling my that is not in his jurisdiction.


I am in the process of sending an Executor letter with affidavit in support to the head of the DMV in North Carolina. I'm 81 and haven't had a drivers license since 1995 when mine expired. And, yes, I have been arrested a few times where I was able to witness their their heavy handed ignorance [ignoring] of the law. How can they get away with this tyranny?

To start with, the system of today in America and most of the world, is not based on law at all. It is based on public policy under bankruptcy since the Rothschild/Vatican mafia has bankrupted the planet with the forced installation of fiat currency. In other words, we no longer have money. How does law, and particularly Common Law, which requires 'quid pro quo' [substance for substance or money with hard assets such as gold and silver behind it] operate when there is no money? It can't and that's the first problem we will have to overcome to ever come back to responsible governance.

Unfortunately, those agents of the mafia who were put in the office of CEO [president] of their privately owned corporation, USA, et al, who later developed a conscience and tried to rectify the situation by instituting asset backed money, were assassinated and then blamed on lone wolf crazies, ie. Lincoln and Kennedy.  Don't look for the Donald to make such a huge mistake. He knows who his masters are or he wouldn't have gotten the job. He is aware that he can promise anything that he has been instructed to promise, but with the numb nuts leftists controlling the congress and following their orders from the mafia, there is zero chance of upsetting the power structure. We'll just give them a little of those promises so the hopeful on the right will buy into Trump and MAGA.

As stated by Trapper, the DMV, [as well as the county sheriff's office, the clerk of courts office, all the local, county, state and federal courts, offices of tax administration, city, county, state and federal governments] are privately held companies. You can verify this at Dun and Bradstreet or go to manta.com and do it for free. These entities have contracted to provide governmental services to the people [look up annavonreitz.com]. Unfortunately, that servicing is more akin to a bull servicing a cow.

All these privately held companies have done a masterful job of creating, first, an artificial entity with a NAME resembling the appellation of the living man. We have referred to this entity as the Straw Man [the scarecrow that didn't have a brain] that needs the signature of the living man to create the presumption of surety-ship for their fictional creation. I always advocate signing everything, but a letter to a friend, with a qualified signature. This doesn't stop their criminality or their presumptions but it does, for the astute, provide a valid defense.

All this was accomplished when one came into the world and the mother gave the information needed for a birth certificate that she was told was an absolute necessity. It was--- for the State. The State jumped on this like a hen on a June bug by having the BC signed by the State Office of the Registrar. State Office of the Registrar---what's that all about? The office of the registrar is the office of probate with the responsibility of administering the estates of the deceased.

So there you it. We're born and then declared deceased so the State can administer the estate and apply millions of codes, statues, rules, regulations and ordinances to that entity which most think applies to them as the NAME [all caps] is quite similar to our appellation. The Straw Man Estate and other fictions of law are the only entities the State [encompassing all corporations and sub-corporations of the state] actually has jurisdiction over.

Once exposed, the State stands naked to the world. So what does one do about it? It appears there is no escape route since the system is entrenched with criminals who violate all the tenets of real law because they know the criminals in higher office will make sure that the secret will never get out. All efforts seem to be in vain.

Since the de-facto regime operating here in America is relegated to the commercial arena, they have been extremely fruitful in creating a false appearance that all activities of the SME, with the living man being presumed as the surety thereof, are of a commercial nature and therefore regulatable leaving said presumed surety to pay the fines and do the time.

This plandemic has been laid on us so the people will see their freedoms [real and perceived] going down the drain. I think they want push back or they wouldn't have been so blatant with their ridiculous commands, all of which are recognizable as un-enforceable unconstitutional dictums. Already we are seeing a new level of police brutality issuing forth in the streets. Gotta get them guppies used to following strict orders or they're going to see the strong arm of the so-called law. All this has already been imposed on the slave state of China and now its time to bring the that Chinese control model [set up by the mafia] home to the rest of the world.


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