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Make it simple fight for the common law under the 7th amendment last clause. its simple we the people are under one contract and no other. they want you to be under there tricky  contract. 

the tricky contract has no  legal authority nor jurisdiction,  .  all you do  is ask and file a motion for dismissal  claiming under the actual law, and claim to be the beneficiary of the true contract // and if its denied then tou can appeal higher court that has actual jurisdiction and they will comply to the original contract if it is in question. 

or go through the whole process  for about 7 months of a paper war and a trial.  No matter what the out come is, you have no victim or property damage m therefor no crime with the true elements of a affidavit of complaint to come forward for the 5th amendment .  therefor no crime , putting one in jail for no crime would be a crime and a civil law suit.   fight it and never give up.  then they will leave you alone.  never pay -have them pay.

That doesn't work, if the State and the Court are predisposed to find you guilty.  They absolutely, openly and blatantly violated my 5th Amendment protection of "no Person shall twice be placed in Jeopardy for the same offense."  That is the Constitution, and they ignored it.  They can do anything to you they want.

What happens when you argue the 7th Amendment Clause, and the Judge says Guilty as Charged?

A fed citizen in a state can constitutionally be convicted for violation of a state law and an identical fed law.

There are no judicial branch / common law trial courts in existence today.  If you are suppose to be under the common law [ white state-born ] the current courts have no constitutional authority over you.  Thus your only option is a jurisdictional challenge on the claim you 'deny being a citizen of the United States'.

These courts do have authority over fed citizens but upon challenge, they are required to prove your are a fed citizen.

The 14th argument is only one of a host of deceptions used to trap people into their "jurisdiction".

The idea is to produce for the public view, the false notion that some kind of "justice" is being served, when in reality,

  • "this State" is a federal enclave and
  • "driving" is a profession and
  • "traffic police" are nothing more than the monitors for the DMV and if you actually watched the whole video, you will also know that
  • "ceded to" does not mean "ceded from", etc.

Absent the 14th amendment, the United States would have no pretense of an excuse to impose any of its general lawmaking powers upon any people in the states except native Americans and then pretty much only on the reservations.

Also, they states would have no pretense of authority to have closed all the common law courts.  Take away the 14th and you have a very different world.

Filing gov lawsuits against 14th citizens allowed the gov to gets answers from the highest courts that have been manipulated to give the appearance the gov has powers it is actually forbidden.  Absent the 14th, the courts would have answered very differently.



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