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A license grants permission for an individual to exercise one of their God given rights. If permission is required, then it is a privilege granted by government. Rights come from God, not from bankers, lawyers and politicians.

When we comply with unjust laws and remain silent, we support tyranny and give our consent to be slaves on the Federal plantation. It is our God given right and responsibility to resist tyranny. Only by obedience are we held captive to the Wall Street bankers and corporations and n doing so, we enslave ourselves.

It is morally wrong to lie, cheat or steal, not because of Congressional legislation, but because it is self evident and God said so. Natural Laws are eternal, they cannot be altered, abolished or repealed. When Natural Laws are violated there are natural consequences that inevitably follow. 

When the laws of men violate the laws of God, liberty, equality and justice are sacrificed. We follow the teachings of Marx and Engels when we levy "progressive" taxes on incomes to be used for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. We will either govern ourselves or be governed by others. In order to govern ourselves, we must take responsibility and hold our public servants accountable.

You volunteer to be a slave, when you submit to tyranny. When you comply with unjust laws, you surrender your sovereignty for the benefit of living in a society of, by and for the financial elite.

When you accept a license you become "subject to the jurisdiction" of a higher authority. If you are free, you are only subject to your Creator. 

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The constitutions clearly recognize two completely different forms of citizenship but the communist controlled gov for many decades has had an official policy of only recognizing one.  The people that are only citizens of a state and not in any way a citizen of the United States / fed gov via the 14th amendment are the ones that have a constitutionally secured right to be under a gov of very limited powers.

These are the people that the constitutions do not allow the gov to legally demand licenses to engage in non-commercial activities. The communist controlled gov and courts have an official policy of refusing to recognize them for who they are and instead imposing 14th citizen status upon them - which is an act of war because it strips them of their constitutional rights.

Citizens via the 14th amendment [ fed citizens ] are under a completely different system of law and the 14th simply does not incorporate the right to travel upon the public highways without a license.  So, the gov simply extends the commercial laws and license requirements for this private activity.


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