In 1775 the plight of the British Colonists in North America seemed hopeless. They men and women who had left England to come to America yearned to be free. For nearly 150 years they British government pretty well left them alone.

After engaging in the French and Indian War, England was deeply in debt and King George and Parliament decided to do something about it. The seeds of the Revolution were planted when England began to demand that the colonist pay taxes without their consent.

They colonists had grown accustomed to governing themselves and resented the King and Parliament's efforts to control of their lives and liberties.

To understand how and why the Colonist decided to Declare their Independence and take on the strongest nation in the World, watch this series of videos.

Click on the Gadsden Flag to See Why the Colonists Were Upset.

The colonists objected to being ruled by a King thousands of miles away who was treating them like his personal piggy bank.Today the government of the United States is doing to us what King George did to us before we declared our Independence and kicked his ass.

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