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That is so sad! What did you say to the assaulted student in the first place to make the teacher kick you out of class??  Just curious..

There is a indoctrination program most people know nothing about - It started out as Goals 2000 which I exposed in the late 90's  - a video on YT - and last week, Alan Scholl, exposed Common Core which is a accelerated program by the progressive left and how they are making the state the parent and turning kids into drones - exposing kids in K-12 to all types of sexual preferences -it's posted on my blog site - www.rose4justice.wordpress.com -  information every parent needs and needs to share - 

Robert has learned that the government run schools aren't there to educate you they are there to condition you to follow orders.  Making you ready, even as he recognized, to be a good citizen of the police state. 

Excellent summary of the world we live in, our public education system, and those who try to own us.  I give an A+.

You can argue about what initiated this kids statements after all most teenagers go through a rebellious stage. But I admire his logic. Is he right in his detail? He could be.Afterall the Fed Reserve and the IMF are scams and the people he mentioned did originate it.As to the schools being a no constitution zone does anyone disagree that they are. Are they organs of state propaganda? If not the state progressive propaganda for sure. Even Universities that cry diversity diversity dont allow diversity of thought and discussion. I think if Robert survives and is allowed to grow he will be sucessful in whatever he chooses to do. To his parents I recommend a school like Hillsdale.  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500395_162-57401262/top-15-conservative...

I went to an awards ceremony at my grand children's school She proceeded to ask them to repeat what " pride" stood for and they all recited it word for word like zombies. I almost jumped out of my chair when I heard the principal say " repeat, We always respect authority". They responded like good little robots. Needless to say they this isn't the end of this. I want an explanation. Our children deserve to be free to use their imagination and speak up if they feel they are being treated wrong or asked to do something they believe is wrong.  I un-brainwash them. My grandson wears a crucifix on the outside of his shirt. My grand daughter knows she can say no if it is done politely. She also wears a crucifix. I was disgusted with what I heard.

This lad is quite versed in our constitutional rights,has strong convictions to the facts, and see some great potential in his political standing.  However, the unfortunate aspect, is he is under age, and therefor has not yet attained his adult rights as he speaks of.  What I have a problem with, is the teachers, principle, and officer's miss use and extension of their authority.  They are adults, and should be more mature in how they handled the situation.  Telling someone to shut up, is quite rude in its self to adults, and with a teenager, it 'enhances their rebellion.


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