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Rowan County Sheriff Jack Carter
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Every American who wants the
County Sheriff to enforce the law by arresting Judges who violate the law, need to contact Sheriff Jack Carter at the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

600 West Main Street
Morehead, Kentucky 40351
PH: 606-784-5446
FA: 606-784-1323

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Arrest the judge.

Yes. The sheriff is the h8ghest law enforcement authority in the county.

Unfortunately in many northern states they have relegated the office of sheriff to guarding and transporting prisoners, foreclosing and evictions. Many don't even have the ability to arrest a person and others are forced to share jurisdiction with appointed officers like police chiefs who are loyal to the politicians rather than the people. 

I'm afraid you'd have to restore the state government before a sheriff could arrest a judge in those states. 

It's sad that we've allowed our country to degrade to this extent.

I wrote to Rep.Yojo asking he formulate articles of impeachment.

Folks, the Sheriff is a foreign agent under a corporate contract (oath).  The same goes for Kym, she too is a foreign agent under a corporate contract and by her not following the orders given to her by her foreign agent rulers, she is in violation of breach of contract.  Kym could renounce her current unlawful oath and take a lawful oath followed by completing a signature rescission document.  

If the people of KY filed a petition to their purported state's principals (executive, legislative, and judicial branch's) for breach of contract followed by filing a complaint similar to what the gentlemen from West Virginia have done, this matter could be remedied in short order because these fictional, corporate foreign agents purporting to be lawful government will never answer such an action resulting in them going into total default and dishonor at which time it would be up to the people to convene their courts of record under a jural society giving them civil authority.

The Sheriff only has the highest authority within his own county. They are elected by the local Citizens as their last line of defense.

On another level. Can a Sheriff deputize Citizens to assist his efforts? Can out of county Sheriffs be deputized by other Sheriffs? Since they have experience apprehending criminals, they might wish to help each other when the workload becomes too much for a handful to handle, or placing untrained Citizens in the crossfire.

Can the Sheriffs ask for assistance from their National Guard through their Governor? We are presuming the Governor is not part of the problem.

Yes, the Sheriff can deputize as many as he wants.  Sheriff Arpaio has over 3000 posse members at his disposal, all trained and having a great communications grid.  EVERY sheriff needs this in their respective counties.

Where did the Judge get authority to hold people in contempt of court? I think that people who break the law should go to jail, but people who question the authority of a judge have committed no crime.

If a judge can put people in jail for defending their rights, the judge become both the accuser and the enforcer. Whatever happened to the separation of powers?

Ever since this case broke I've been wondering what law she was accused of breaking. The supreme court didn't and cannot make any laws, it can nullify laws but not correct or replace them, so was some new law passed that I'm unaware of, or are the powers in charge so clueless that they mistake the supreme court verdict as the end of the process instead of the beginning?   

The next step for the gay marriage activists is to get congress to pass a new law and they will be charged with finding a way to not discriminate against gays. As far as I can tell they could do this by passing a law allowing gays to marry or by another means that gives them the same rights and since this sounds like State jurisdiction it would have to be done in all 50, and not necessarily all the same way, then each new law could be challenged, but if this clerk was jailed before any of this begun, then she could sue for wrongful imprisonment. 

I do believe that if the judge violated the law then the Sheriff has the right to arrest the judge in both constitutions the Kentucky State Constitution and the USA Constitution. Sheriffs are the last form of protection against thoase who wish to violate the rights of individuals.

Al, How about the breach of contract perpetrated by Kim Davis.  My friends, contract law and maxim's of law is true natural law. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not a gay marriage fan in any way, shape or form because such defies God's law but, Kim Davis now needs to renounce her unlawful oath of office and vacate her foreign agent employment. The judge can and has persecuted Kim for her breach of contract.  It really is that simple, folks.

If I understand you correctly you claim that Kim didn't fulfill her oath by not issuing the licenses however I don't think that is correct. It's my understanding that she was issuing licenses up until the supreme court vacated the law which was the basis for those license as being unjust, so following the letter of the law there would now be NO LAW in place until the state or federal congress amended or replaced the former law so her only legal option was to stop issuing them until such a new law was passed and signed into law.  

Now I haven't dug through the KY state and federal laws that apply and I have no intention to, but none of the news media has suggested what laws (if any) allowed her to issue a marriage license and if those laws were indeed overthrown by the supreme court. They do have the right to overturn the law, but not to replace it. A new law must be passed  and only then can she begin to issue licenses. 

It's also unclear if a state would be required to address to unequal treatment by allowing gays to marry, or if they could address the rights issue though another means such as civil unions or same sex partnerships. The latter would likely drag this battle back to the supreme court yet again, but if they had all the same rights but without the word "marriage" then how could anyone argue they didn't have the same rights?


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