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In order to survive and thrive, men banded together to form communities to protect themselves from predators. Men adopted laws in order to secure their lives, liberty and property.

The purpose of the laws were to punish individuals who would engage in activities that were injurious to the lives, liberty and property of other people.

All laws fit into one of two categories. Either they are written by the people for the benefit of the people, or they are written by the rulers for the benefit of the rulers. Laws which are written by the people tend to be just while the laws written by the ruling class tend to benefit only the rulers.

According to the founding fathers, Congress was responsible for making laws that would protect the rights of the people. Therefore rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and statutes passed by Congress are to be considered modifications or "color of law" and usually only deprive the people of their God given rights.

In Marbury V. Madison Chief Justice John Marsharll proclaimed "Any law which is repugnant to the Constitution is no law at all."

In other words only laws which support and sustain the Constitution are truly laws. Everything else is a perversion of the law used by those in power to control everone else.

When we obey unjust laws we give our consent to tyranny. It is our God given right and duty to refuse to comply with unjust laws.

True law is based upon natural law or the laws of nature and nature's God. When we violate true law we are subject to the condemnation of God and when we sustain unjust laws we become an enemy of our Creator.

When we are obedient to tyrants, we violate the laws of nature and nature's God. It is our responsibility to sustain laws that are just and to refuse to comply with those which are not. As God's agents on earth, we are responsible to decide for ourselves which laws are just and which ones are not. We were created to govern ourselves and the men and women we elect to Congress are our servants.

When a society allows its legislative bodies to enact unjust laws, they sow the seeds of tyranny. 

When we comply with unjust laws we are giving our tacit consent and by obeying these laws we support tyranny. The rulers will seek to use the law to acquire wealth and power and unless we hold our elected officials accountable we will ultimately become their slaves.

When unjust laws are enforced, innocent victims are created. When a government takes money from one individual or group and gives it to another it has committed plunder. Societies must decide that either the few shall plunder the many, the many to plunder the few or no one will plunder anybody.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson stated that "governments are instituted among men deriving their just power from the consent of the governed." Because governments power comes from the people, they cannot give to their government a power that they themselves do not  possess.

Since a man cannot lawfully lie, cheat or steal,  a man cannot grant these powers to his government. As John Marshall once said "The power to tax is the power to destroy." If man's property rights are truly unalienable our government cannot lawfully put a lien on our property. 

 Laws that are just, lead to liberty, equality, peace and prosperity while unjust laws are a perversion of the law which allow select individuals to control the lives, liberty and property or everyone else.

Taxation is a system of plunder where the few plunder the many. When a man takes the property of his neighbor he has committed a crime, but when the government takes your things, they call it taxation. Whenever a man or a government forces an individual to give up the fruits of his labor a crime has been committed.

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Nice summary. Thanks.

lots of perversion of natural law and the CONSTITUTION going on today.  the tyrants ruling us no longer adhere to God and try to force We the People to accept sin and perversion by threats. it is time most in government, including many judges, hang for their treason and evil ways!!!!!

I found this website most informative and educational, if interested:

It shows Common Law vs Admiralty Law


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