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Whether a state has a right to secede from the Union or not is covered in the Tenth Amendment.

The states created the Union and before ratifying the Constitution they demanded a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution.

They wanted to be absolutely certain that the newly formed government to be the servant of the people and the states.

It was well understood that any power or authority not specifically granted to the National government was retained to the states and the people. Since the right of secession is not mention in the Constitution, it is one of the rights retained by the states.

The thirteen colonies seceded from the British Empire and set a precedence. When in the opinion of the people of a given state feel the National government has violated the terms of the Constitution they have a right to sever the connection.

In the pyramid of political power, God created man and was the supreme sovereign, Man created the states, and the states created the Union. The central government was the low man on the totem pole. The right of secession is like an insurance policy against governmental tyranny.

Personally, I am not in favor of states seceding from the Union, but I am in favor of strict enforcement of the Constitution. I believe that the Constitution delegated limited powers to the National government were few and well defined while the powers retained by the states were nearly limitless.

By accepting the notion that in the Constitution there are implied powers you give the government the authority to expand their powers beyond what was intended. The powers of the National government can only be changed thought the amendment process outlined in Article V.

Today the Constitution is amended every time an unconstitutional law is passed, an executive order is writing or whenever the Supreme Court misinterprets the Constitution. Any amendment proposed to the states for ratification must be approved by two thirds of the members of the House and Senate and must be ratified by three fourths of the states.

Making positive changes in the Constitution is nearly impossible because getting two thirds of the member of Congress to vote on an amendment that would strip them some of their power is highly unlikely. The first ten amendments limited the power of the government to abuse the rights of the people, but all of the subsequent amendments have expanded the power and control of the government over the people.

The right of secession gives the states the ability to hold the servant government accountable. Denying the states their sovereignty turns the servant into the master.

Just like a marriage contract that can be dissolved so can the contract between the states and their servant government. Secession is the last resort, we should and make every effort to preserve the Union and restore Constitutional Republic. We don't need to amend the Constitution, we simply need to obey it.

The lawful right to secede

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Obviously, we have "The Right"! My point was... I doubt that particular "Right" will be allowed.

The moment a right becomes negotiable, it is no longer a right, but a privilege. Like I said above, the banksters are not about to let any of their cash cows out of the pasture.

First key to personal freedom is to stop borrowing money.

The borrower becomes servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7

Of course the word "servant" means slave, so don't fall into that trap, learn to live within your means and just don't borrow money.

Hear! Hear!
Yes, But just because you have a right, that doesn't mean "they" will let you alone to freely excercize it.

very true, but maybe an attempt can make a beginning


Yes, the states have a Right to secede. The problem is we really don't respect the Constitution any longer. The federal government has usurped their authority. So have the states. The people are the last ones in line today. It's totally upside-down! Everyone knows it.

Maybe I'm not seeing the cure, but it appears to me, the last recourse to get back to Constitutionality is for the people to ASSERT their true Rights. The People need to say, "We will Not Comply"! Not for the end result of a physical conflict, but to just stand their ground and say NO. We secede and will do our own thing!

The People need to demand their states secede, with the demands being that we return to the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION and ending with the Bill of Rights. No improvements. No redefinitions by lawyers, courts, and politicians. All 50 states need to band together as one and bring about a new federal government. One that we will watch and control. Sometimes we humans are required to learn things the hard way. This is one of those teaching moments in history.

I can't see much wrong with our Constitution. But I can see we aren't using it correctly. Time to read the instructions that came with the game and start over. Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect $200! Game over, lets start again.

We can still be the example for the World. We don't need a violent coup, just follow the actual rules and ignore those that aren't playing by THE rules. The present government can watch themselves be insignificant out of ignoring them. Make the paychecks stop, they'll figure it out.

Naturally, the banks will have a problem with us. Do not play with banks! We have our own printing presses and can Constitutionally coin our own money. The bankers can keep all THEIR paper money and IOUs. Any nation that wishes to trade with us is welcome. Forget that international law nonsense and admiralty courts. We can keep our same flag WITHOUT the gold fringe. We don't need banks or their corporate collection agencies. We can keep Common Law Courts. 

BTW, how is Iceland doing after kicking out the banks? I haven't heard of a war or anything. It feels as if the international bankers are attempting to keep a low profile on this little revolution. Not a peep out of them! We should be asking, WHY? If this become internationally popular, their gig is up!

There's a small country in South America, can't remember the name, that has kicked out the IMF years ago. They are still there. We never hear about them. WHY?

Authority is only valid when it is given. We The People HAVE that authority! Laws are ONLY valid when enforced! It's time to enforce the law of the land!

So who's going to be the first to secede? The people from "Don't Mess With Texas", because they're right. Or maybe California, because they're stupid and wish to be their own Socialist nation. Either one is good. The NEW Constitutional USA will purchase the foreign land of California when they go bankrupt or get threatened by China or North Korea. (Nothing against the people of Calif., only their corrupt government that has brainwashed them).

I hail from the Golden State, as did my father, but hold no allegiance to the idiots running the show. Especially the idiots who elected Jerry "brownout".

Also if you read GOOD OLE ABE's Emancipation Proclamation DID NOT FREE any Slaves in the Northern States. GOOD OLE ABE's Emancipation Proclamation only encouraged slaves to flee the Southern States to come up to the Northern tex to join and fight ing the Northern Army of aggression.

The Northern States where the first to attack the Southern States.

All the Facts about the Civil War where and may still be at the Historical site at New Market, Virginia.

I am a Vietnam Vet Born in the North and hate them, now living in the South.


So if you or your family lost some one in Vietnam it was for nothing.



There has been a war against owning property in this country since the beginning of this country.

Only the vary wealthy can own property in this country.

What do you think the "Income Tax," Real Estate Tax" and Automobile Tax is about.

You don't own your own labor.

Don't pay your income tax and see what happens?

Don't Pay your Real Estate Tax and see what happens?

Don't Pay your Automobile Tax and see what happens?


How many of you constitutionalist know that in the Articles of Confederation you could not vote unless you owned LAND.


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