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Whether a state has a right to secede from the Union or not is covered in the Tenth Amendment.

The states created the Union and before ratifying the Constitution they demanded a Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution.

They wanted to be absolutely certain that the newly formed government to be the servant of the people and the states.

It was well understood that any power or authority not specifically granted to the National government was retained to the states and the people. Since the right of secession is not mention in the Constitution, it is one of the rights retained by the states.

The thirteen colonies seceded from the British Empire and set a precedence. When in the opinion of the people of a given state feel the National government has violated the terms of the Constitution they have a right to sever the connection.

In the pyramid of political power, God created man and was the supreme sovereign, Man created the states, and the states created the Union. The central government was the low man on the totem pole. The right of secession is like an insurance policy against governmental tyranny.

Personally, I am not in favor of states seceding from the Union, but I am in favor of strict enforcement of the Constitution. I believe that the Constitution delegated limited powers to the National government were few and well defined while the powers retained by the states were nearly limitless.

By accepting the notion that in the Constitution there are implied powers you give the government the authority to expand their powers beyond what was intended. The powers of the National government can only be changed thought the amendment process outlined in Article V.

Today the Constitution is amended every time an unconstitutional law is passed, an executive order is writing or whenever the Supreme Court misinterprets the Constitution. Any amendment proposed to the states for ratification must be approved by two thirds of the members of the House and Senate and must be ratified by three fourths of the states.

Making positive changes in the Constitution is nearly impossible because getting two thirds of the member of Congress to vote on an amendment that would strip them some of their power is highly unlikely. The first ten amendments limited the power of the government to abuse the rights of the people, but all of the subsequent amendments have expanded the power and control of the government over the people.

The right of secession gives the states the ability to hold the servant government accountable. Denying the states their sovereignty turns the servant into the master.

Just like a marriage contract that can be dissolved so can the contract between the states and their servant government. Secession is the last resort, we should and make every effort to preserve the Union and restore Constitutional Republic. We don't need to amend the Constitution, we simply need to obey it.

The lawful right to secede

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A privilege can have an expiration date, but a right does not. If the colonies had a right to secede from Great Britain and the Southern States had a right to secede then we still have the right. Rights and privileges are not the same.

Yeah, that was my subtle point. We allowed Lincoln to set the precedent to throw our highest law under the bus and transform our alliance into another central oppressive government. 

Also, my ancestors are from Virginia, a state that refused to secede from the union because of slavery or debates over state's rights, but when ordered to call up troops to invade their neighbors, only then did their votes to secede change from an overwhelming NEY, to an overwhelming YEA. Perhaps some states did secede over slavery, but Virginia's vote was clearly an Anti-War secession. They were determined to not go to war, but if war was forced on them, they would take up arms against those invading their borders, which is why those in Virginia called it the "War of Northern Aggression", or their "Second war of Independence". 

If you look up the history of Virginia's votes to secede, the dates of each, the transcripts of the political speeches about the votes, then compare them to the dates of Lincolns orders to call up troops to force the southern states back into the union and you cannot deny Virginia's final vote to secede was an...


And to those who claim...   "The south seceded over (insert cause here)", they don't know what they are talking about because the "south" didn't secede...  rather a number of southern states did secede, each for their own reasons which cannot be lumped together as if they did it as a whole, and I'm sure at least some saw the CSA to be the lesser of two evils.

Before the election of Lincoln, our states were each turning away from slavery, in the 19th century most the the 1st world countries were abolishing slavery, the UK did so before 1850 as did many of our states and no doubt all of them would have likely abolished slavery by the turn of the century, and if any were holdouts, it could have been handled through diplomacy rather than starting a war that would cost more american lives than every war before or since...   and hopefully this we can continue to state this fact until the end of the 21st century and beyond if we can continue to say NO to war. After all, how hard is it to love our bothers and sisters in this world...   We really need Love in this world, but real LOVE, not carrying signs that say "love" while you violently protest, instead just SHOW THAT LOVE, and stop shouting the word.

Guardian Eagle (aka Don Dakota)

PS. Consider the flag that most in our country call the "confederate flag", but was never a flag of the CSA, rather first adopted by several Generals of the Army of Northern Virginia who decided they needed to carry a battle flag that was distinct from the stars and stripes. This is the first use of the design used on THE BATTLE FLAG OF THE ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA, a flag for a country that was forced into war by their borders being invaded, and having nothing to do with slavery, rather it was an anti war flag, and any use of the flag by others can not change it's honorable origins, yet if you display this flag you are soon labeled a racist, or worse...  For those who believe this flag represents evil today, consider that Henry Ford invented the first mass produced V8 powered car in the 1932 model A ford which quickly became a favorite of bank robbers and gangsters who used it as a reliable and cheap way to escape crime scenes, yet this awesome car didn't go down in history as an evil crime tool, so why should this proud anti-war flag go down as something evil simply because some racists have displayed it. This is the effect of "Political Correctness" in america, a plague on this country that needs to be eradicated. If your ancestors are from Virginia (as mine are), then refuse to let YOUR flag from being drug through the mud and demonized by those who are uneducated. If you are from another state, then carefully research it's history and learn the real reasons your state took the actions it did, then you can decide if you want to honor it's actions...  or not, but don't dare to claim Virginia's battle flag is anything less than honorable.

The Battle Flag of the Armies of Northern Virginia


That is a very good question about the Confederate Battle Flag. I'm sure the anti gun crowd has the answer.Somehow the flag made him shoot up that church.Guess it's a good thing it wasn't the U.S. flag (I guess depending how you look at it). But in the photo with the flag I believe he was wearing a Golds Gym tee shirt.

there is nothing evil or wrong with that flag, it is and was the flag of proud beings and NOT the evil creatures the politically correct attempt to make it look.

Yeah the PC saw their chance and ran with it.Here in OR. I was disgusted when they pulled it from them capitol.

Unfortunately, Don, the Constitution did change. Where it, under Original Jurisdiction, was considered the Law of the Land with strong tenants to keep the government servient to the people, it has been altered in its principles and its applications.

The words remain the same, however, the Supreme Court has seen fit to re-interpret those words to their liking. Their liking is almost never for the betterment of the people. In fact, after the Civil War the Constitution was no longer the law of the land but was only advisory in nature because we had a new de-facto government that only reflects on the principles of that document when it suits them. Anyone reading the judgments handed down by the Supreme Court would guess that there are no retraints on Govco whatsoever--and they'd be right.

Again, the question is not how to make this government better because it is not our government. It is owned by its stockholders, the International Banksters. The question is how to we get rid of this rat infested regime and re-install out de-jure government. That's the one that's of, for, and by the people. The one we live under now is half communist/socialist and half corporate nazi-izm.

very good thoughts.  We must return to a republican form of government rather than the crooked, dishonest group of super rich beings (current so called government) who want nothing more than to enslave the PEOPLE.

We do have the right to secession and there is no hope with the federal govt. The south is still under reconstruction and I am a secessionist. Our govt. is supposed to be a constitutioal republic and since 1865, is no longer We became a federalist empire, now socialist democracy and federalist empire combined. We have been in foriegn wars since the Spanish/American war becouse of false flag operations, designed to get Americans angry and willing to go to war.

The Federal Reserve is illegal, income tax on paychecks is illegal. the north and south are 2 differant countries and now, in another 50 years we will be all the same because of schools and transplants and immigrants.

It is a shame alot of us want a seperate govt. to perserve our culture and the true form of the govt that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson set up. Now we have what Alexandra Hamilton wanted. Now Democrats are the Lincoln Republicans and Southern Democrats are Republican.

I get mad when people like Sean Hannity and Glen Beck talk like we did in the 1800's with state's rights and praising Lincoln and calling the Republicans the Lincoln party; that is b.s.
If it was, I would not be voting Republican. People should get their facts straight. Lincoln was worse than Hitler. He took the war to women and children and starved, robbed and scorched our land. We were invaded. Slavery was in the north too and lasted 2 years after the war.

The war was about money. We, (in the South), were paying 80 percent of the taxes and Lincoln did not want to lose that money, It was not a civil war, it was a war of Northern aggression. Now we are heading to a civil war.

I am a Virginian first. The federal govt is overreaching. They are destroying our country; they are letting people in to destroy us and bring in the One World Order.

It makes me mad when I think about what's going on with the Muslims. Read the Koran, then you really know what they are about. They do not assimilate, but you go to their country and you better assimilate or you will be killed.

Illegal immagrants;
What does illegal mean? They are breaking the law and our govt. does nothing. We are loosing our identity and culture on purpose and black crimes against whites are getting worse, but the mainstream news rarely show it.

It is time for some of us to leave. Remember, we were forced to be with the union.

Interesting set of views, kind of scrambled together. You are correct of course, but it is difficult to follow. Perhaps some structure and CAPITAL LETTERS would help me understand just a little better what you are trying to say and where you think we should go from here.

Running thoughts, not separated by punctuation are hard to read.
Thanks for the comments.

if you can not folow (follow?) then you, (have?) got a problem. Get over it

Never said I couldn't follow it. Just trying to give you good advice. Being understood is key to communication. Spelling and punctuation are important as well as adding a few spaces here and there.
So get over yourself and put a little extra effort into your typing.

He does have a point. I like your post, but it is difficult to follow. 


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