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Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes Dianne Feinstein, (who herself has an armed personal body guard), to tell the rest of us what we can and cannot carry to defend ourselves against the likes of HER!

Listen to this and tell me you still think you live in a free country.

This really takes the cake if you ask me. Who the hell died and made her the boss of the Universe and my second Amendment rights? This is a prime facie moment guys. Wake up and smell the coffee. These people do not want us, (law abiding people), to outgun them. That is enough evidence for me.

I conclude that if THEY outgun US, then WE would have to be afraid of THEM; If we outgun them, then THEY would have to be afraid of US; now wouldn't they?

Let's see I believe there's a quote in there somewhere. Hmmmmmm.


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Hey Dan,

You know "Molon Labe" means basically "Come and Get It", right?

I like the way Heston said it too. I was standing five feet from him when he said it.

"I have one message for Mr. Gore; From my cold dead hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's all he had to say and the crowd erupted. It was one for the ages. He didn't even have to say the "He can have my gun when he pulls it" part. Everyone knew what he meant. I took his picture shortly thereafter and he appeared a very old and worn man, but in my eyes that historical day; A Legend stood before me, and I knew it.

I never took for granted, not for one second, the gravity of meeting that man, that day in history. It was a day that will be remembered and I was there.


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