Throughout the history of man there has always been men who have banded together in secrecy to deprive free Citizens of their life, liberty and property. Throughout this history, we have always understood that one of the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, is that man possesses the right to enjoy the fruits of his labor as well as the responsibility to provide for himself. This is the most important property you have; the wonderful things you will create when left to your own devices and completely free to KEEP what you produce in doing so.

However, not everyone wants to play by the same set of rules. There is a tragic flaw in the nature of man that tempts him to harvest the fruits of another man's labor. He will always attempt to make laws to accomplish this and to this end he will implore his government for his “rights", then to add insult to injury, the overlords will attempt to label their slaves as conspiracy theorists, or worse, to discredit them.  After all, the last thing any self respecting overlord needs is an educated slave. Our “leaders” have continued to demonize us.  They were elected to protect us, but instead they have been the instruments of our enslavement.

The media, the Bankers and our “government corporation” all support the notion that those freedom lover’s over there in the TEA Party are nothing but a bunch of “Rednecks, clinging to their guns and religion.” Meanwhile the only question they’re asking over on Wall Street is “how much are we making this week off of We the People?”
Someone once said that in order to be successful you need to plan ahead. There is an old adage that says "He who fails to plan, plans to fail".  Until a sufficient number of us are willing to plan better, we will be setting ourselves up for failure.  We must begin sharing the truth with our friends and neighbors, or we will continue to be held hostage by the “Elite and their cronies".  Remember what Van Jones said, “From the top down, from the bottom up. This is how you make real change.”

 If you believe we can continue to accept this reality as status quo; then do nothing. If you think I might just be right; then join me in my efforts. Let’s wake the sleeping giant! You can start simply by sharing this email with virtually everyone you know.

“As long as the majority of the people remain in darkness, we will continue to be pawns in the game of life.” – Keith Broaders

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