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Sheriff Clarke is great!

What is one supposed to say after listening to all of these videos? Black lives DO matter. So do peach lives and brown lives and yellow lives and yes also the red man's life matters. ALL colors of the rainbow matter. You can't have white light without all the colors contributing to the spectrum.

If this is a commentary on anything, it's that Sheriff Clarke is a wise man and a true patriotic American who refuses to allow the "Lame Stream" media to spread lies and disinformation about the truth and that is this. The majority (93%) of killing of brown and dark brown skinned civilians is done by other brown or dark brown skinned civilians. PERIOD!

Only .01% or one tenth of one percent of "black" men are killed by police. Black Lives Matter is a vendetta based movement using false flags to justify violence against police and it is wrong and the information they rely on is WRONG!

That's the truth that the media don't want you to know and Sheriff Clarke does want you to know. He speaks the truth about Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al. They are nothing but race baiting poverty pimps. They live like Kings in their posh mansions, while they couldn't care less about black lives OR white lives.


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