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Dear Fellow Patriots,

In order to restore our Constitutional Republic, the Constitution Club website needs to dramatically increase our membership. To be successful, we are going to needs hundreds if not thousands of members in every county in America.

I believe that it is much more difficult to get someone to join a group than it is to ask them to accept a FREE subscription to a weekly Newsletter.

I would like to propose that Constitution Club website become an online Newsletter for the Patriot Community. Instead of recruiting new members we simply invite our friends to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.


Keith Broaders

(951) 282-3271

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great idea!

The more the merrier.

Let me know how I can help.  It's a great idea!

Great idea!

best way for people to get their feet wet

I think the circumstances of our day will naturally drive all who love freedom in one direction doing many things. The "enemy of freedom" has a hard time handling ammo coming from many directions and the same for them.  Just another perspective.  When someone gets their 'can" kicked the right way they will jump into action.  The efforts over the last thirty years to form those who love freedom to this point is what it is.  I truly believe America is finally waking up slowly but more so than from even 2010.  Also, many who love freedom abandon organizations who show no results.  Thus, we must detail our progression for all to see.  Unfortunately, us humans jump on the effort making headway.

Focus, work, Focus, help one another, work, Focus.

I could support that idea.  We need to get the information out.

Very Well Said Jose. I concur

Jose Mandry said:


I like your idea but the main problem as I see it is that there are way too many groups, with mostly similar ideas, and it is impossible to join or contribute to all. The democrats are uniformly united behind the president but the republicans remain divided. There are fantastic think tanks, thought leaders and groups that want to restore liberty and our constitution but they need to unite as one. We have a tea party group, a constitutional club group, Americans for prosperity, Freedom Works, Goldwater group and multiple others all of which share most of their values in common. We need the leaders of all those groups to have a meeting and come up with a group which will represent them all. United we can win this fight, divided as we are now we will not stand a chance. We need to leave the differences behind and find the common ground with which to build a strong coalition. 

I do greatly appreciate the work you do and hope that you and other leaders can unite so we can fight as one and defeat socialism.

Jose Mandry

I think this is a great idea Keith. As I talk to people on a daily basis, the one thing that stands out to me is how uninformed Americans are. 18 of the last 20 people I talked to have never heard of the NDAA and some even said they thought it was a good thing. I think the battle now is to inform Americans of the truth. I've started informing people about the missing 13th amendment and how it has changed the world.


Get 2 or 3 of you together in each county . Make a compact between yourselves that state that ensuring Constitutional government with elected officials who must keep their oaths of office as your goal. All of you sign the compact and provide space for additional members .  You have now like the founders had your first Constitutional convention . Your county group now has the authority to demand compliance from your sheriff and county officials . If they refuse form a grand jury and prosecute . Piece of cake eh !

I think it is a good idea. I love getting my emails and being able to read them. I love what you send me thank you so much. I have forwarded your website to my address book.

Thank you for what you do

I posted  this on My Facebook!



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