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The Truth About The Nation

The State of the Union Address is now incumbent upon Trump to deliver. I can't WAIT to see what he thinks of our current state of affairs. I don't think, however, that he will talk about anything on my list.

Give ME the mike and I'll give you the truth about the "State of Our Nation". You won't hear "The Donald" mention this;

I believe;

  • We are in a state of extreme emergency; over 10,000 vacated seats in Congress, see Representation in Congress;
  • We are currently viewed as the enemy by our federal government; see Proclamations - 2038, 2039 and 2040 - FDR, 1933.
  • We are being lied to by the IRS - You don't make "income"; But Here is their take on this.
  • We are having our land put off limits to us by state and federal agencies for a HOST of reasons - BLM, EPA, DEP, Forestry Dept., etc. (Just talk to the Hammonds and the Bundys)
  • This "Nation" is now beholding to a HUGE "National Debt" created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, to increasingly enslave us ad infinitum;
  • This debt is usurious, intentional and controlled by the Rothschilds and the Bank of London with direct ties to the Vatican with the full knowledge of the Pope himself.
  • We are being fooled into believing that we "have to" do whatever "they" say, because "they" said so. See our folder on Right to Travel.
  • Our southern borders remain open to all who will dare the journey in direct violation of their responsibilities described in Article IV, Section 4. And while we're at it, crossing our border without permission is an act of war and invasion upon the Nation. That puts those who would cross that border in violation of the Law. THEY are not illegal, their ACTIONS are.
  • We have over 20,000 unlawful gun laws which are in direct violation of the Second Amendment and our natural right to defend ourselves. ("Bare Arms" translates to "Carry a method of defense"), even to include "Kara-Te" - "Empty Hand". The Second Amendment is NOT about guns and does NOT give any rights.

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I look forward to the President 's speech. He is not a touchy, feely person, and therefore represents the best hope for America's recovery. Our National Debt represents the culmination of programs and laws designed to give equality and opportunities to people and preferences not contained within either our Declaration of Independence, nor our Constitution. Programs, assistance, bailouts, hiring preferences, (points, taxes, quotas, contract bidding preferences, st al). We are a Nation based on Capitalism, which can only be destroyed through government interjection of Socialism.

Which is exactly what is happening. We are experiencing the death throws of Socialism. It's running out of other people's money.

I missed the State of the State Address. Was anything mentioned about the VC Cooper Nuclear mess?   I find it so hard to believe that the project can simply be abandoned leaving South Carolinians struggling to pay for energy. Appreciate any input.

I believe the State of the Union address is Tuesday. As far as a means of " clean" energy, we need to follow the example of England and convert our coal into charcoal. It's a simple and inexpensive matter of baking the raw coal. All Nuclear energy creates is the by-product of nuclear weapons.

Yes the State of the Union is tonight. I am in SC and was wondering about our governor's State of the State Address. Thanks for your response.

Please let me know how that goes. The governor in our idiotic state, Oregon, a "Sanctuary State", is a bi-sexual woman appointed to the position after the previous one was forced to resign awaiting trial for hiring his mistress for state contracts.

You are in the epicenter of this Malheur W.R. thing with the Bundys, et al. Boy is Oregon a mess!

Mess is too kind a word for it! It is a disaster. It has become an oligarchy thanks to just two cities, Portland and Eugene. Their combined vote is greater than the remaining population, which are hard working Constitutional thinking people, not out for a free lunch.

MAGNIFICENT!  That's my comment about President Trump's State of the Union Address. He covered virtually all the big issues and id it without offending his base. He held out an olive branch and help the left to reveal itself as the anti=Americans they are.  In fact, that was a critical element of the speech, its consequence of revealing the left for what they are. BRAVO President Trump you had a grand slam!!


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