The enemy of the people are the 540 billionaires at top of the financial pyramid who control everything their money can buy.

They own the legislative, executive and judicial branches of our government.

They own the news media, and control what is being taught in the schools.

They control the issuance of our money and its value, the political parties.

Through the their puppets that we elect the they are able to control virtually every aspect of our lives. The regulate the air we breathe and the water we drink and have buried us in rules and regulations designed to control everything we say and do.

As long as the few at the top control the reins of power they will continue to exploit for their own benefit. They are able to maintain their positions of superiority because we the people remain silent.

In the United States, we the people are supposed to be our own rulers, but we have abdicated our thrones to be the chattel of the financial elite.

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Great Article and info.

Yes, Strike at the Roots but I just dont know if it will work without enforcements.
Can I copy this and re post it to other groups? I don't use any social media for security reasons so I can only email, reply or re post things in different groups.

I think the point that is being skipped over here is that BECAUSE a representative is representing so MANY people, the office of Representative automatically carries a BOATLOAD of influence and embedded POWER. So:

  1. THAT is what  makes the office worth more.
  2. THAT is what makes it harder and more expensive to be elected to the office and:
  3. THAT is what promotes and almost even necessitates the need for BIG MONEY to get involved and political influence and bribery to occur on a large scale and:
  4. THAT IS THE PROBLEM we are trying to correct. Yes?


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