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usA Non-Domestic


Some people are successful, others just want to be
There is a path to follow, there is a recipe.

Success begins with a fellow's will to accomplish a worthy goal
Faith, courage and confidence all play an important role.

Faith provides the power you will need to win the race
It will help you conquer the obstacles you'll face.

You may get discouraged while the battles are being fought
Just focus on your target and take the final shot.

Determination is important, it needs to become your habit
And that my friend is why the tortoise beat the rabbit.

Author Keith Broaders



An honest man has virtue, he's a man that you can trust
He is dependable and righteous, he is honorable and just.

He always takes the high road when called upon to choose
He has a reputation he doesn't want to lose.

He listens to his conscience every day and every night
And seeks to love his neighbors by doing what is right.

Author Keith Broaders


Sarcasm is as deadly as the venom of a snake,
It causes pain and sorrow, it causes hearts to break

Sarcasm is like a dagger that can penetrate the soul
It causes pain and sorrow and takes a heavy toll

When sarcasm comes a knockin it's up to you to choose
You can either strike the match or you can pull the fuse. 

Author Keith Broaders

Our Constitution Has Been Hijacked

Our government has been corrupted, the constitution has been scrapped
Our leaders have betrayed us, our resources they have tapped

 Once we were the sovereigns, it is no longer true
The politicians have assumed that role, to rob both me and you.

 Our nation is in trouble and our republic is at stake
If we are not united, our liberty they'll take

 Our founding fathers warned us, that if we were not alert
The bankers would steal our money, our trousers and our shirt

 It is obvious that they have robbed us, it is clear for all to see
We have become paupers in a land that once was free

 Congress is filled with lawyers who are simply nothing more
Than band of the robbers stealing from the poor. 

Author Keith Broaders


She was Edna's daughter,
But her daddy called her Bill

I know she loved her parents
And I know she always will

She also loved her sisters
And the cloudless clear blue sky

She loved the sound of songbirds,
and the smell of apple pie

She truly loved the mountains,
The flowers and the trees

She loved the smell of lilacs
that floated in the breeze

The coyotes were her neighbors,
The black bear was her friend

The squirrels and rabbits loved her
Until the very end

Although her life has ended,
Her memory will never die

I suspect she's gathering acorns
In the royal courts on high

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Outstanding & talented. Have been labeled as having a sarcastic sense of humor which I think is a misnomer. I would never insult or degrade someone, rather I would call it "smart alec"as it is meant in a humorous vein rather than to hurt or cause pain.

WOW,  talent hidden until now.....

When can I get to know the other members in Sarasota county, Florida?



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