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California Congressional Districts Average 702,000 Rhode Island Congressional Districts Average 526,000

If California and Rhode Island were equally represented California would have 70 Representatives instead of just 53

When compared with Rhode Island, California has 9,375,965 people that are not being counted.

My heart soared with millions of others as I listened to our new servant executive Donald Trump deliver a powerful, historic, inspiring inaugural address, bracketed before and behind with prayers in the name of Jesus Christ our King.

Today, we watched a sea of long faces on corrupt politicians and DC functionaries who have lived in a fantasy world inside the most corrupt, ruthless city-state on earth. With the credit card bills all due, to the tune of $20 trillion and counting, and the world waiting with bated breath to see whether Donald Trump will actually put that axe to the root of Deep State corruption, our courageous new executive showed us today – indeed he will.

You see, our new executive is engaged in what AmericaAgain! calls Tactical Civics™. In his first official act as president, he simply pointed out the most basic civics in the U.S. Constitution – right there in public, with the whole world listening. Including countless arrogant, corrupt, venal DC bureaucrats and politicians surrounding him. To hundreds of thousands of his sovereigns in person and millions of his sovereigns by television, a new president for the first time in at least 50 years, showed that he understands our system of government: popular sovereignty.

Whatever I have written or said about The Donald before this, I love that man today. I love that he gets Tactical Civics™, because I believe we will see fur fly in coming months in D.C., as Mr. Trump begins to do what we hire our executive servants to do.

Of course, the theory of checks-and-balances is that we hire all three servant branches to keep one another in check. But that was hijacked by Lincoln, the GOP-controlled 37th Congress, and the Chase Supreme Court in collusion.

We the People, in Office at Last

Inaugurations are an interesting event in our republic. It is always disquieting to witness our federal employees doing what they do best – making expensive pageantry for themselves all day and into the night. The fact that Americans love it is startling testament to our need for remedial civics; at AmericaAgain! we call it Tactical Civics™ to convey the Washington DC vs. America war for hearts, minds, and payroll accounts ever since the Lincoln-era hijacking.

If you think I overstate Lincoln’s role, read this article – which is also Lesson #3 in our new 8-week Tactical Civics™ boot camp called Mission to America, available at no cost HERE for you, your church, or your veterans’ or TEA Party group.

In Part 2 of this series, we will consider our inauguration into the high office that Mr. Trump alluded to today. When did We the People first get inaugurated? What is our part in Mr. Trump’s attempt to ‘drain the swamp’? If We the People are truly the collective sovereign, how exactly will we exercise this duty?

In Part 3, we will unpack the connection between Tactical Civics™ and public misinformation by police departments and the NRA, why sporting goods marketing is a big deal, how grand juries get their teeth back, and how the NRA never restored constitutional law enforcement, but AmericaAgain Minutemen™ will.

In Part 4, we wrap up by envisioning the most amazing ribbon-cutting in history, that can take place as early as January, 2021 whether Mr. Trump is preparing for his second term or is returning to the private sector. After we Bring Congress Home in January 2019 the massive, opulent U.S. Capitol will be empty — and we can suggest the perfect redevelopment project that Mr. Trump will definitely approve of!

Thus far, Donald Trump is the embodiment of what I wrote in This Bloodless Liberty, Fear The People, and Mission to America — we are living in the most exciting period of American history.

Stop watching from the sidelines; join the responsible, repentant Remnant who are taking America back! Download Mission to America, the Tactical Civics™ boot camp manual for your church or TEA Party group, designed for every American from age 16 to 96. And stay tuned for Parts 2-4 of this series.


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Operation Restoration has rolled out as a support structure for our struggling Veterans when they come home!

They can help Americans hone their forgotten skills, with first hand knowledge of the training the public coffers have invested into, which Americans can develop far past what was learned.

In so doing We the People will take that instruction into whole new levels of efficiency as they become muscle memory and are taken home for the families to prosper with in a whole new/old way!

We all thank you Veterans for stepping forward, with the best intentions, and now allow us to reveal how this can return America to the lofty heights She once knew.

All are not needed, actually <1% will be sufficient once we remember we are American with a duty, but folks, all are welcome and gladly so! 

Now, let's get'er done!



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