Take it Back!

So; who are we taking it back from? The Germans? The Chinese? A secret foreign enemy? Where did it go and when did it happen? The 1871 Reconstruction Act? The 1783 Treaty of Paris? The War Powers Act of Mar. 4th 1933? The intentional removal of the original Organic Constitution FOR the people in 1791? Should we include the underhanded dissolution of the original 13th Amendment banning lawyers from holding public office?

Better question.

Just exactly how do we get it back? Well I can tell you one thing. We're not going to do it by sitting here writing and reading about it. So a new direction is at hand.

It is now time to abandon ship! WHAT? What do I mean? I mean this.

Welcome to The Revolution!

I mean that we have reached a point where I believe we have made all the points there are to make. We have said all that needs to be said. We now have all of the tools we need to go forward to our Sheriff's office and our "representatives who RIGHT NOW are begging to keep their job and show them the evidence of fraud and deceit under which we suffer. It is only right that we show them the evidence of our suffrage for a "candid world" to examine.

So; A Call to Action!

Like Raum Emanuel said, "You never want to waste a good crisis". His point was valid. You never want to waste a good opportunity to influence a politician and NOW is the right time. Take the link to MY ARTICLES, or even the evidence of fraud in our Public Forum to your local Sheriff.

Point him/her in the right direction. Show them what's wrong with things. Tell them you are not going away and make them under-stand that our movement is gaining ground quickly. Remind them who they work for and inform them that they will be placing their bond, their job, their entire lives at risk should they ignore what you are telling them. Do NOT take NO for an answer. These people are extremely vulnerable right now. They need your support and you need theirs.

Welcome to The Revolution!

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It is part of self-governance.  We the People were always to be in control.  We the People were never to be the majority.  The majority are and have always been asleep.  They like music, theatre, sports and movies. They are not to be counted upon in the battle.  But We the People must press on.  Not to win elections, but to work together with focus and resolve.  One to three percent of the people is what is necessary.  We get on juries and press for nullification of bad laws.  We learn how to take action in civil court against the unwarranted actions of the police.  We learn how to disbar attorneys and DAs.  We simply learn what self-governance is all about.  www.centerforselfgovernance.com

Excellent plan Kirk. Thx for the link.

Totally agreed. Effective, forward leaning, in-your-face A-C-T-I-O-N is now the ONLY way to go. Link up with other patriotic organizations, website operators.

In truth, I honestly believe that the dissolution of these united States is near at hand--especially if thuggish Hitlery is elected in November. In that case, the tipping point will have been breached beyond repair.

We'd all best consult the wisdom of our Founders and develop Founder-sanctioned back-up action plans so we can survive the turmoil and likely collapse. No, I'm absolutely not kidding. No Pollyanna I.

Join and actively participate as a member in the Art V Convention, the 10th Amendment Center, the Constitutional Sheriffs of the US, and, yes, the Texas Nationalist Movement. By our own inaction and shortsightedness, let's not get cornered and become victims of this foundational tyranny.

Semper paratus.

Excellent plan Jim. Let's do THAT!.


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