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 The U.S. Government generated 7.5 trillion in 2012. A total equal to the amount collect in taxes or 2.5 trillion dollars was allocated to budget for the UNITED STATES government. The remaining 5 trillion dollars stashed away in hidden accounts for benefit the bankers and stockholders of the UNITED STATES corporation.

Congress tells us that we had a budget of 2.5 trillion and spent 3.8 trillion and that we had a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. What they are not telling us is that there was an additional 5 trillion generated that was hidden from public view.

The members of Congress are either dishonest or stupid. They tell us that we have a deficit of 1.3 trillion, when in fact we have a 3.7 surplus. Not only did the Bankers skim 5.0 trillion dollars off of the top they graciously loaned us at interest the 1.3 trillion dollar to cover the fictitious budgetary deficit.

We need to stop this nonsense now or we will witness and begin indicting the criminals that are stealing us blind.

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Require the GAO to report monthly to a Congressional Team (E-Format), that will balance Expenditures to the Monthly Tax Collected through IRS.  Congress Monetary Team  then publishes a true E-Balance and requires the excess be invested by A Congressional Money Management Team.   Cut out the Fed Reserve.


The members of Congress take their marching orders from the stockholders of the corporation not the people that voted them into office.

There should not be any National Banks. Banks should be locally owned an operated. Congress should not be allowed to borrow money without the consent of three fourths of the states. For the last few decades the amount of money generated by the UNITED STATES has been substantially greater that the amount of money spent by Congress.

The stockholders of the UNITED STATES have stashed away over 100 trillion dollars and yet Congress continues to borrow money at interest from the same bankers that are robbing us blind.

This is the CAFR scam (if I am not mistaken)....all levels of government have huge investments that are hidden from view and the  sheeple are told that our various levels of government are broke.  They actually have surpluses.  They always show their "budget" which reflects that there is nothing allocated for their schemes but a thorough examination of their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports would reveal the depth of their lies and theft from us all.


 Fat chance on getting change. Our senators are a perfect example = shake your hand and smile while they steal the future of your children .

We should be able to pro-rate the 5 Trillion over the number and percentage of tax paid in 2012 back to the people.

For example, I paid close to $4000 in taxes for 2012.  For this discussion, I would say that 100,000,000 Americans paid taxes.  The upper 90% or 10,000,000 paid the most taxes.  The lower end paid little to none.

I am not a great mathematician and will guesstimate the rebate I should get. So, 10 Million Paid the most, I am in the 10 Million, 5 trillion divided into 10 Million = .002 precent = $10,000,000.

I should expect a refund of $10,000,000 in 2013.





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