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Here is a LINK from to videos in reference to Terry Trussel's trials.

Here is one of the Videos

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well, what a piece of dog shit maggot judge,

Not mention the fact that the jury pool must be very shallow out there, because I can't believe they didn't just shove jury nullification right up the judges robe.

very true. what happened anyway?

the result was not in the video.

this servant is guilty of a government takeover as he cannot ignore his masters' rights like this.

I would like to add some of Terry's own words from days gone by on the subject of Sovereignty

"When I get my copy, I'll forward one to you, Wayne. While we wait, let's try to do something constructive. In the absence of the evidence we request, we can only assume it does not exist. In that respect, we need a plan to resolve our issues with a failed bureaucracy operating under a multitude of blatant, gross violations of our laws, and our Constitutional principles, without any repercussions from our law keepers or our lawmakers.

With respect to Morton's 'Sovereignty' discussion, he may be offering a solution we should consider seriously. I certainly want to learn more.

To verify, our Constitution belongs to the People, as does our government. Our bureaucracy, however is a beast of it's own construct and one that operates outside our authority and our law. This can be described only as criminal. We have a Constitutional process to deal with crimes and those who commit them. The crux of this issue, appears to be in the reticence of a single appointed official to enforce our laws, investigate allegations of crimes, and who refuses to be held accountable for his failure to fulfill the obligation of his office, and his Oath to the Constitution. If we blame Holder, we are looking at the wrong person. "We have met the enemy, and he is us." --Pogo

It is WE who have failed to hold our officials accountable, yet when we speak out, others hush us. The press demonizes us as 'extremists'. I find that people who accuse others of being extremists fear only that their own sins will be revealed.

But for us to shrink from our duty is unforgivable cowardice. What others think of us, and what names they use in their attempts to minimize or denigrate us is of no importance. We must persevere in our quest for justice and our demand for responsible and responsive representation by all our officials, elected and appointed."

how long was he in jail?

He's still in jail Jeffrey,

 He's been found guilty of impersonating a public officer and simulating a "legal" process and sentenced to 105 months as of approx mid 2015.

If you ask me "THEY", (the court, the judge, the prosecutor, etc.) are the ones guilty of those very crimes.

Terry's troubles are not his alone...

Terry's troubles are problems shared by all Americans...As the People we must assume the obligation to also protect Terry and any other American so attacked by the inland pirates.



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