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Robert Myles

This I hope does indeed happen as we are a country divided and as long as we are not totally united in this fight for freedom we will surely lose them little by little that is the methodology of the left and for 100 years they have done so and are well experienced in chipping away without our even noticing.

Now as a secondary effort I would like to make another suggestion.

There are state, national, shooting clubs, sportsman's federations, organizations of all types. Presently we are all disjointed and fighting a small battle here and there while losing major ones elsewhere we too need to unite. NRA, GOA, NAGR, Congressional, Tea Party, Constitution club, Heritage foundation and on and on.

We need to unite in one common and very loud voice to take back America before it is destroyed and split up into smaller more controllable third world countries each with it's own petty Dictators like what our White House occupier thinks he is.

Can we all put aside our differences and unite in the name of Freedom? I hope and pray so as a shooting war which is the last resort may well be what occurs but not before we have exhausted all other means.

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