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Thank you for your faithful support of our Constitutional rights, and thank you for pointing out the ways in which we fail in allowing government over-reach. Indeed, we have become so lazy in standing up for our national core values, we can hardly recognize our own country. With countries, such as Canada and England touting their softer socialist approaches, we may give in to sink ever further away from our strong work ethic and independence unless sites such as yours continue to educate us.

Thank you again,

Norma Butler Powell

Response by Morton IX

Thank You Norma,

For the honorable mention. We do appreciate it, because we've been working very hard to make sure that we are doing the right thing, the best way we know how and never forgetting where we came from in the process.

We try always to remember that we are but humble messengers of the Lord God, Who's existence is paramount, Omnipresent and completely necessary for America to exist in the form intended, whether we believe directly in Him or not; Whether we worship Him or not; Whether we "belong" to a church or not.

It is necessary that we ALL answer to Him. THAT is true equality. We must believe in this that we do here as though it were a religion. We cannot be denied our most Sacred and Religious beliefs, now can we?

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