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Repeal The 17th Amendment!

On May 13th, 1912 Congress passed the 17th Amendment, then with the ratification of the 17th Amendment on April 8th, 1913, the Republic of the United States took its final breath. On that tragic date in history, the United States became a pseudo-democracy.

Our Federal government became a national government as the voice of the states in the senate became mute. Our founding fathers created a bicameral legislature, The House of Representatives and The Senate, intended to provide checks and balances to ALL decisions of law. One house was elected to speak for the people and one house was appointed to be the voice of the State.

When the 17th Amendment was ratified, this protection against the inherent trouble with politics and elections was stripped away, the states were disenfranchised, our Republic became a pseudo-Democracy and our Federal government became a National government. As the states lost their voice, the political power shifted from a bicameral legislature with two houses representing the people, to a Unicameral Dictatorship with one of the most important checks against seizure of arbitrary power eliminated.

The founding fathers were unanimously opposed to democracy. In fact, the government created by the Constitution was written to prevent a tyranny of the majority. Thomas Jefferson referred to a democracy as mob rule where 51% of the people can tell the other 49% what to do.

On that dark day in American History, the principles and doctrines of Karl Marx were established as our guiding principles instead of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

In a republic, the God given rights of the people can be protected, while in a democracy, the law is determined by the will of the majority. In a republic we have rights; in a democracy we have privileges granted to us by the national government.

Our founders wanted a limited government that was strong enough to protect the rights of the states and the people, but not without the checks and balances of Article I, Section 3, Clause 1, wherein;

"The Senate of the United States shall be composed of Senators from each State, Chosen by the Legislatures thereof..."

Now, because of the 17th Amendment, the government which was created to be the servant of the states and the people has become the master of both.

The first step in restoring our republic and reversing this evil is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

Read more about the Dangers of Democracy.

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I don't think We The People trampled on anything. The implementing moves of the banking cabal were done, either in strict secrecy or with such cunning subterfuge that the American people [at least most of them] never became aware of this Democracy being foisted on them. As time has passed and the public was systematically dumbed down through the public fool system, those criminal banksters have allowed more and more information to come forth to measure public awareness and reaction. Fortunately for them there has been very little of either until recently--thanks to the availability of an alternate source of information, the internet.

I think the most interesting aspect of their scheme is that they have created 300 million plus U.S. citizen subjects who AREN'T US!!!!! Their plan was extremely clever and has worked quite well for close to a hundred years or so. They tricked us into registering the births of our children whereupon they utilized said registration [conveyance of legal title] to create the straw men they secretly attached to each of us as transmitting utilities so we could interact with their commercial Democracy.

Unfortunately, most of the people are completely unaware of the existence of the legal fiction straw man because its NAME is spelled similar to their Appellation. I would suggest that 99 out of 100 don't know the difference between a NAME and an Appellation.

The banksters bankrupted their own corporate government and are now foreclosing on the assets of said corporation. What are those assets? Everything registered in the NAME of their straw man, after all, Govco created the straw man so Govco owns it unless one has taken steps to change the intended nature of said straw man. They always offer a remedy when they are going to steal from you. Your remedy as to the straw man lies in the right of subrogation--if you can grasp that concept. 


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