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The 53rd Amendment Proposal

Submitted by Morton IX

This amendment would address the issue of the federal government’s responsibility to secure our National Sovereignty. This amendment must be specific as to the scope and limits of this responsibility. At a minimum the 53rd amendment would insure that a solid rampart wall be erected on our Mexican border. We must stop the influx of illegal aliens flowing over an unprotected border like water. After that we can decide what to do with the illegal aliens currently inside our borders.

In addition, this amendment would support the need for standing armies in contradiction to our founding fathers belief that we could rely on the Militia alone in times of peace. I believe we do have a need today for a well regulated, well trained military presence in the world and we cannot rely on a Militia to do that.

This amendment might also address how state Sovereignty and individual Sovereignty relate to National Sovereignty in an attempt to clear up who is responsible for which Sovereignty and which one comes first and why. I believe the State Governors are responsible for their state’s sovereignty, but will rely completely on the new 36th Amendment language, (which repeals the 17th Amendment), in order to detail this right. State governors must be able to recall, (fire) Senators at the drop of a hat. The individual states' legislatures must be able to control their respective Senators.

In addition, every single American should be required to lawfully declare their Sovereignty, and be responsible for it. We have to make sure that all American Citizens are properly educated as to their individual responsibility to uphold their own freedom and sovereignty.


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You are wasting your time trying to write bad amendments to do things you don't understand.

For serious proposals see http://constitution.org/reform/us/con_amend.htm

What was the purpose of the Constitution? To regulate trade between the States, (Commerce Clause), and regulate the federal government, (enumeration of rights for the federal Government), these given by the people in their States. States being part of the Republic.

The States kept the people within their boundaries and all who resided there for 6 months or more could petition to become State Citizens, (not to be construed as Citizens). Justice John Marshal in 1833 ripped the Bill of Rights from the Constitution and gave it back to the States. Civics was never truly learned correctly in this Republic. You want to be slaves then make yourself taxable with a tax which isn't a tax. Make Obama Care or the farm bill in the 40's giving the farmers growing power to the commerce clause. Today? Corporate farms which draw welfare.

Now we have a liberal Supreme Court with Kagan and Sotomeyor being given their positions because they are bought off, while several Republicans (who I hear) are being blackmailed. I knew of this back in the 80's because I  read “waters flowing eastward”; an account of the 24 protocols of Zion. Scoffed at by most, but the protocols are there spelling out the taking over of the news services, the despoiling of legislators and their being taken over for this transition. The Zionists were to control the world’s money supply.

So where does this leave us? I’ll tell you in short words. It leaves us in God’s hands; >not religions of man <, but the One who made this world; for look around you. Can this be repaired? You have a police State growing by leaps and bounds. Hundreds of millions of Guns sold in the last 30 years, many from the Vietnam era.

I’ll be told I have small faith but my faith is in God Whom I pray to daily. My home is in an area where there’s community identity.

Oh and Pat this is a Republic as noted by the founders with individual sovereignty. But I digress.

You can have 100's of amendments but the first 10 were inserted as State’s responsibilities to their STATE CITIZENS, governing  the State’s handling of the people and their rights under their State Constitutions. Go to Pennsylvania they have a department whereby you can get State citizenship but the offices are empty. Since the total betrayal of the 14th amendment became law > who’s law? It was made by the feds so it’s a Fed law not a State law.

Or taxation passed in a midnight session in 1913 and never ratified. But today, don't pay those taxes and you'll rot in debtors prison; an extension of the corporate prison systems.

And in the State’s courts you have no Bill of Rights as the 14th Amendment only gives one privileges.

So for me the Constitution still works. It’s up to me to make my indenture known to those in my cities and counties as the real law is the Sheriff I elect, not federal marshals or Federalized police. But who argues there when a policeman kills people who cannot defend themselves; around 300 or more last year. Who cares for the justice they sought and never found?

Now we’re back to 1774 and we are waiting on Lexington.  I’m not anti government, I’m pro common sense and the words freedom and justice are but faint sounds in the air.

The real question is not if this Tyranny will explode upon the people, but when. The 10 mile square area called the “District of Columbia” is now a bastion of terrorists and Robber Barons. And we people? We made it possible.

One of the facets of reform is the Common Law or Natural Law Grand Jury made up of ordinary people and separate from either judicial, legislative or executive.  I am the Virginia coordinator go here for GREAT info http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/

I like your site. It always makes me feel good to see people who awaken to the call of their heritage.

Go to republicfortheunitedstates.org if you are interested in the original re-inhabited Republic that Abraham Lincoln and his regime vacated/abandoned. We the People re-inhabited it on 20 November 2010.

I am quickly becoming a fast friend of the Republic, Wayne, and am learning more about it daily. I can see the Republic as a common sense overlay in replacement of the corrupt, incompetent bureaucracy that now pervades every crevice of government. I firmly believe, if we can convince the 10% of our collective national brain that ACTUALLY FUNCTIONS, to accept the Republic as our true Constitutional government, we can turn this thing around. (The other 90% will wake up in fifty years and ask, "What just happened?")


 Don't be so sure you will actually be able to do that. We can't even get people to pull their money out of the bank and their kids out of school. How are you going to get so many moving the same direction and not have infiltrators in the crowd ready to foment violence?

I have a plan for that, but if I tell you...

Seriously Morton,

  • we are having the Mall declared a no-foment zone;
  • infiltrators are readily identifiable (by their tee shirts) and we'll simply avoid them.

...I'll be telling the fomenters, too.

Good luck Terry

Thanks, Morton, it'll be interesting. Nothing is more boring than benign acquiescence.


I like your response about the 90%!

As for the Republic, just the opposite is true. The overlay is the corporate fiction that has been there for 145+ or - years, since 1871. What we have done is strip the overlay OFF, and expose what has been there all along, just abandoned and buried.

Wayne, I think you made a point, I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. The corporate fiction is the bureaucracy we now have, right? The Republic is our reconstituted government, right? What I meant by 'overlay' is a body of governance that stands ready to 'supplant' the illegitimate bureaucracy that now pretends to be our government when we strip away their facade and sanitize them with the sunlight of truth.

Aren't we on the same page?


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