The 53rd Amendment Proposal

Submitted by Morton IX

This amendment would address the issue of the federal government’s responsibility to secure our National Sovereignty. This amendment must be specific as to the scope and limits of this responsibility. At a minimum the 53rd amendment would insure that a solid rampart wall be erected on our Mexican border. We must stop the influx of illegal aliens flowing over an unprotected border like water. After that we can decide what to do with the illegal aliens currently inside our borders.

In addition, this amendment would support the need for standing armies in contradiction to our founding fathers belief that we could rely on the Militia alone in times of peace. I believe we do have a need today for a well regulated, well trained military presence in the world and we cannot rely on a Militia to do that.

This amendment might also address how state Sovereignty and individual Sovereignty relate to National Sovereignty in an attempt to clear up who is responsible for which Sovereignty and which one comes first and why. I believe the State Governors are responsible for their state’s sovereignty, but will rely completely on the new 36th Amendment language, (which repeals the 17th Amendment), in order to detail this right. State governors must be able to recall, (fire) Senators at the drop of a hat. The individual states' legislatures must be able to control their respective Senators.

In addition, every single American should be required to lawfully declare their Sovereignty, and be responsible for it. We have to make sure that all American Citizens are properly educated as to their individual responsibility to uphold their own freedom and sovereignty.


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You are right. there will be war, but we will win! Google search George Washington's vision.

Wayne many sheriffs are interested in the knowledge of the Republic send it out to your Law Enforcement

he may well be needing to see how to fight this federal crawl. 

My Sheriff is one of the criminals I am suing for denial of full medical treatment after being arrested for crimes I am not guilty of, locking me up with a violent bi-sexual pervert who broke my jaw, after I refused to give him sex.

He is known to be involved in many criminal activities, and outright laughed at me when I mentioned him going to Las Vegas for the CSPOA meeting a couple years ago. I wish I lived in the county just north of me. That is Sheriff Glenn Palmer's county, who is one of the main Sheriffs in the CSPOA. I am thinking of moving to his county after I collect my settlement. He is a great guy, and I meet with him, pertaining to the Republic, whenever I am passing through John Day. Neither one of us hold much hope for my Sheriff.

 then you have a problem  And if the people of your area don't realize what this man is  and their potential danger they face then they also are also part of the problem. And its hard to CYA in uch situation. That's why i moved into a group of small towns awy from th federalization and have brought to bare all information's I have up to this point in Stites, as well as surrounding areas.

Like you've found you cant totally stem the flow but with information you can sometimes control the narrative. Ill pray for you Wayne  and God bless

Thanks Quisno,

I live in a strange area not like I have ever seen before. Have you ever seen U-Tube videos of animal abuse at rodeos, specifically at Jordan Valley, where they trip horses and cows, some of which end up with broken legs? That also has taken place (presumably, I don't go to them) at Burns, Rodeo (Oregon). My place is in between the two. Absolutely heartbreaking animal abuse, even to horses. This area has some of the most heartless people I have ever met. It also has some of the best people I have ever met. It is very much of a black/white society. My Sheriff, and the Sheriff's dept in Jordan valley are two I have absolutely no respect for. Enough said, I want to win my suit, and see his bond removed. The woman at the bonding company is on my list also, as she has tried to worm out of it, and has since blocked me from her email list.

Wayne you stated “Lets be very clear about something Dale. That is exactly what our Founding Fathers did.”

I don’t believe that is how the founders of this nation did it. As I understand it back in the 1600s the European countries began to colonize lands in the western hemisphere. In the beginning some of the colonies where governed by the kings of those countries or by the leaders of the leader of the people who came here. The old lands were a long way away and commutation was very slow.  

Naturally they just began to govern themselves.  In the middle 1700 people who didn’t like the tax and other policies of the King began to petition the King with redress of grievances.  Finally they came to the conclusion that the King was never going to listen to them. It began to get pretty bad in the 1770. In 1774 delegates from all the colonies except Georgia meet and began to form the Continental Congress. In 1775 the shooting war began, when the British came to take peoples guns.   In July of 1776 the Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence.  In May of 1787 delegates from the Colonies came together and began to work on what became the U.S. Constitution.

This does not seem exactly the same to me a just a small group of people have meeting and then declaring themselves the de jure government of the United States.

I don’t want anyone to think, that I believe, that the government we have is a honest, lawful or moral government because they clearly are not.  However, I don’t think I would like to be governed by a few people you have set themselves up as the government.  If they can do it anyone can do it. Anyone can do it.

Please excuse the interruption, Byron, but I agree with you: it's not exactly the same. Where I may offer a different perspective: the circumstance is also not the same. We have criminals in our government usurping the rights and authority of the people, therefore a different strategy must be applied. We are not trying to overthrow or supplant our GOVERNMENT. We are attempting to purge the cultural bureaucracy that is contaminating our government like a flesh-eating virus. Regardless whether you believe there is a conspiratorial Corporate entity that has illegitimately assumed control of the affairs of our nation, you must admit, these criminals are behaving as though have legitimate authority to act as they do.

Your assertion that 'anyone can do it' is also correct--but the important point is that no one else has done it. The Republic appears to me to have a legitimate right to pursue their objective: the revival of our dormant Constitutional Republic. If you have concerns about the motives of the men who have taken the time and made the considerable effort to legally resuscitate our Republic and offer it back to the People with no demands or conditions, that is understandable. But can you find a reason to not trust them--at least more than the criminals currently murdering and robbing us? So the Republic returns control of our government to us, (where it should be) what harm can be done? We will have an opportunity to return to fair and honest voting, repair the damage done over the last hundred years by Marxist vermin, take what we have learned from our mistakes, and install legislative and Constitutional corrections to prevent such malfeasance in the future. What's your problem? We know we cannot continue (maybe more than a few months!) on the path we are on. Do you have a better idea? We're running out of time.

Excuse me, it is the same: lots of people to take action, and only a few with enough guts to stand up and take action.


It is not about taking action. It is about taking action that will correct things.


The mistake that you make is as easy as you will, yes we have criminals in our government but they are the puppets, they are not the ones who pulled the string. The international bankers and their buddies are the ones pulling the strings.  There is only one way to stop them and that is to take the power to create money for their own personal power and personal profit away from them. That is a thing is very very few are willing to touch. Most everyone else wants only to do things that will not solve the problem.


You are absolutely correct. Anyone can do it. The Declaration says so. But where are the others who took the initiatives to do what we all have a right to do? Where are they Byron? The only, or at least the first ones to have done it are those in the Republic. They/we had/have every right to do it, and the Declaration of Independence declares it. Now, how did we find out about what had happened in 1871, and what we needed to do to resolve the problem? A couple Fed. Govt. workers who had just retired, came to the Republic (which was going by another name at the time, because they had not yet found out what had happened), told us what had happened in 1860-71, the abandonment of the Republic by Abe Lincoln's regime, the corporation creation in 1871, told us all we needed to do was to draft Lawful Notification Letters, putting all 50 Governors on notice to re-inhabit the Republic Seats and take their proper Oaths of Office, they told us that all 50 Governors would acquiesce, then all we would have to do is elect new People to fill the vacated seats. That is precisely what we did.

On March 30 and 31, LNLs were sent out to all 50 Governors of all 50 States, as described, and just as we were told, all 50 Governors acquiesced, after having 21 days to respond to those LNLs that were signed by 1350 de jure Grand Juror Americans. By their acquiescence, all Republic seats became available to be filled.

November 15th, 2010, Congress convened at the Wind River Ranch, located outside of Salt Lake City, with all 50 Republics represented, drafted the documents and approved them to re-inhabit the Republic de jure government. This was all done by November 20, 2010.

November 20, 2010, new elections were held, and the vacated Republic seats were occupied, and has been operating as a parallel interim government ever since. Everything was done lawfully, the corporate criminals know it, and that is why they have done their best to destroy it. They know that we have done all this lawfully, including serving papers at the Hague. They have used infiltrators and propaganda, have some of our members in prison on trumped up charges by the IRS (classed as political prisoners) (which is one reason I have absolutely no trust or respect for them, and will NEVER sign any papers with them, as they may twist them to suit their own purposes). They have without lawful warrants, broken into homes of People in the Republic, including one of my cousin's, stealing computers, etc. It has been a replay of NAZI Germany. That is why I have so little tolerance for the false accusations that have been made. You have had no clue to the sacrifices that have been made, for all of this progress that we are now starting to realize. You were totally speaking out of turn. EVERYTHING WAS DONE LAWFULLY, by those who were, and still are, risking everything they have, including their own safety.

Let me ask you this Byron, are you willing to risk 15 individuals dressed in black SWAT gear, beating your door open, damaging it as well, coming in, without any warrants, refusing to give their names, stealing your computers, threatening bogus charges of mail fraud? Would you put yourself in those circumstances?? You have absolutely no right whatsoever to make the statements you have made.


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