The 53rd Amendment Proposal

Submitted by Morton IX

This amendment would address the issue of the federal government’s responsibility to secure our National Sovereignty. This amendment must be specific as to the scope and limits of this responsibility. At a minimum the 53rd amendment would insure that a solid rampart wall be erected on our Mexican border. We must stop the influx of illegal aliens flowing over an unprotected border like water. After that we can decide what to do with the illegal aliens currently inside our borders.

In addition, this amendment would support the need for standing armies in contradiction to our founding fathers belief that we could rely on the Militia alone in times of peace. I believe we do have a need today for a well regulated, well trained military presence in the world and we cannot rely on a Militia to do that.

This amendment might also address how state Sovereignty and individual Sovereignty relate to National Sovereignty in an attempt to clear up who is responsible for which Sovereignty and which one comes first and why. I believe the State Governors are responsible for their state’s sovereignty, but will rely completely on the new 36th Amendment language, (which repeals the 17th Amendment), in order to detail this right. State governors must be able to recall, (fire) Senators at the drop of a hat. The individual states' legislatures must be able to control their respective Senators.

In addition, every single American should be required to lawfully declare their Sovereignty, and be responsible for it. We have to make sure that all American Citizens are properly educated as to their individual responsibility to uphold their own freedom and sovereignty.


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Wayne--good points. You have given us all excellent information to support the credibility of the Republic. That, and the fact that the Republic supports the Fair Tax concept is enough to make me want to look further. What we have is not sustainable and threatens to collapse within mere weeks. The Republic is prepared to return our government to the control of the people so we can begin repairing the damage done by Marxist ideologues over the past years. What are the other options?

I don't see where we have any other choice, and this is the next best thing to the United Order, which very few People even know, or can relate to.

Terry Trussell  ... " the Republic supports the Fair Tax concept"

Fair Tax???? I explored that road a decade ago and all it does is put a different name and method on the current level of tax-rape the DC city-state is already foisting on the gullible.

All the flag-waving 'patriotic' jibber-jabber and hot-button rhetorical hatred for the IRS can't make either the 'Fair Tax' or the 'Flat Tax' charades any less a travesty. They're BOTH 'Trojan Horses'.

I have never heard of it in the Republic, so I can't respond either way. I am pretty much just focused on my law suit at the moment.

I said the 'Fair Tax concept'--a tax the people control, and that prohibits bureaucratic manipulation. We can discuss this further, unless you have a better way of funding government and that eliminates the IRS. I'm always willing to explore better options.

The original means of lawful taxation as envisioned by the founders worked well for 140 years. Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt.

Which was what?

Read the constitution. The only way the federal government can reach into the union states is by consent. Forget everything after 12th amendment. It clearly lays out federal jurisdiction. 10 miles square.


I am curious about Jackson totally paying the debt. I don't recall exactly what year he became president, but Johnny Horton was a history teacher, and created songs to help teach his students. One of my favorites, most favorite was "In 1814 we took a little trip, along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip, We too a little bacon and we took a little beans, and we fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans. (The alligator is my favorite part, but we'll skip that for now.

If he paid the debt off it had to have been after he was done fight'n, I would presume, and he had to be out before Lincoln came along, so I am puzzled.

The reason for the Civil War was the war debt with the Bank of England that hadn't been paid, from the war of 1790. National loans have a 70 year due date, and it came due right after Lincoln was elected. He couldn't pay. He asked if they would extend the loan. Bank of England said yes. The 13 states were the collateral for the first round, now we want all 34 states for collateral. The South didn't like that idea, as they weren't part of the war, which is the real reason they seceded. Slavery wasn't the real reason when the war started, but was used as an excuse later, just as they do now. They tell no truth unless it benefits them. Lincoln is a descendant of the Rothschilds, and he was supposed to divide and conquer. The Rothschilds wanted the Bank of England to control the North, and the Bank of France to control the South. Lincoln didn't want to obey, so he violated our rights a different way. He declared martial law, which made him a dictator, and forced the South to stay in, and thus was able to use the South as collateral for the loan extension.

If that is true, and if it is true that Jackson paid the debt off, is the war loan not part of the national debt? Were there two separate debts going? I just thought it was one consolidated debt, maybe not?

He paid off all that was presented to him. Other evidence of debt was never received and could possibly have been lost or destroyed by fire, etc.He refused to renew the national bank's charter. There was a failed assassination attempt and the bankers backed his opponent in the next election to get a new charter and plunge us back into perpetual debt.

Thanks for the input Leldon.

NOTE TO ALL, it's that time again to remind you to address the person to whom you are replying, please. Replies are not in logical sequence and it gets confusing trying to match replies to statements.

Thank you for your support.


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