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Keith Broaders
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This amendment is simple. It would totally change the way the President is elected. I propose we make it One County, One Vote; no matter how many people live in each County. This should prevent a very small area of land interest from dominating all of the rest of the other land area. In addition there should be a third box on the ballot that says <None of the above> in case we don’t like any of the candidates which are presented to us; and every County must vote; Period. No exceptions or exemptions allowed.

There are 3141 Counties in the united Republics that will never change; and they will never change size, and a ratio of a plurality will be necessary to a victory for the office of President. They are already there with established borders. Those borders will not easily fall to Gerrymandering or other forms of corruption. We will make it a law that they will not change their borders if we have to. This will eliminate Gerrymandering of Districts and the resulting corruption inherent in our current system.

In addition, this amendment will demand a return to PAPER BALLOTS, accountable to We the People and with the ability to be re-checked for accuracy. In our modern age of communication, this should not be an impediment to counting, etc.

All in favor say Aye.

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Hey 5War, I was in the room with Charleton Heston when he said, "This message is for Al Gore; You can have my gun when you pull it from my cold dead hands". A chill went up my spine that day I'll tell you.

That would be exciting. I could have enjoyed that one too!


I am curious. I saw a U-Tube video of a courtroom where someone was being interview/questioned about the electronic voting machine, and I think he was the inventor, if I recall correctly. They questioned him 3 different times with 3 different wordings as to whether the voting machine could be made to produce whatever answer you want to program into it. All three times, the answer was yes. Is he the one you are referring to being murdered? If so, and he was the inventor of the fraud, he got what he deserved for bringing fraud upon the land.

By the way, fart stands for "fathers against radical teenagers"

In that case, I retract my past feelings. I must be a VARP also!

Do you know if Keith and company have all gone to Nevada? I want to go and was hoping I could car pool with someone going from around here. I am in N. Utah.


Pardon my ignorance, but what is Vva? I don't do well with abbreviations.

Voter Verification Act. We haven't added it to the Alphabet soup yet. It is a proposal to fix voter fraud.

Mac, Great post and I agree!!! Well done:)

Hey mac,

No disruption insinuated. I just didn't want you to have a heart attack because I wanted to include paper ballots at the last minute. I just though we needed a verifiable voting process, that's all. Thanks for the link, I'll go look.

So mac,

What you're saying here is that this whole secrecy thing is the problem and it's backwards. Your I.D. should be secret or relatively unnecessary per se, but your vote should not be secret. Have I got that right?

At present voter registration is an adhesion membership into the county communist party and I'm not giving anyone power of attorney over me or pay someone to make decisions for me. Just how many parking lots do you want to see built?

So what do you suggest Joseph?

I believe that counties with larger populations should have a larger voice in electing a President and Vice President. Remember the President is chosen by the Electoral College and not the popular vote of the people.

Each state gets to vote on the candidate of their choice and their voice is determined by their respective populations.


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