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BAR Association Attorneys have been trained to lie, cheat and steal for the benefit on the financial elite whom they represent. They are agents assigned by the bankers to enslave us and steal our property. The attorneys are wordsmiths who twist the meaning of words so that those in power can exploit the masses.

The BAR attorneys only work for those who can afford their services, so in America, justice is for sale to the highest bidder.

We are taught that we have a moral duty to obey all laws that are written without exception. When we obey unjust laws we give our consent to tyranny. It is our right and our duty to refuse to comply with laws that deprive one's life, liberty or property.

The attorneys , are all members of the BAR Association which is nothing more than an International crime syndicate, (not to be confused with the LAWYERS who also unfortunately, must register with the BAR). Justice and equality cannot co-exist in a land where there is a privileged class that can use the law to deprive the people of their God given rights.

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Hey 5War, I appreciate your appreciation! Thanks!

At the same time I admit I am a bit scrappy when it comes to anything that threatens to condemn with opinions rather than research. Generic is good... send it to print!


FOUND AT: [link to] on page 3 of 13

( Notice: The Government has now conveniently removed it from the web. )





Michael L.


Get That Gold Fringe Off My Flag What do the gold-fringed United States flags standing in our present day courtrooms, schools, public buildings, churches, federal government buildings, and many of our own VFW clubhouses and Post Color Guard units symbolize?
Is the gold fringe there for decoration only, or is there a significance to the gold fringe?
Currently, the flag of the United States of America is defined in these words: "The American Flag of Peace of the United States of America is red, white and blue, with thirteen alternating red and white horizontal stripes, and a blue field (Union) with 50 stars, one to represent each of the states." This flag is covered under Title 4 – U.S.C., 1 & 2 and Presidential Executive Order 10834, found in the Federal Register at Vol. 24, No. 166, Pages 6365-6367. Why should anyone be concerned about this apparently innocent decorative
feature? What difference does it make? Citizens are subject to much ridicule when they object to the "Admiralty Flag," the flag that appears in every government office and courtroom, as well as other public buildings in the land. That flag is the United States Flag – with one seemingly minor cosmetic difference – a knotted gold fringe on three sides. The difference is that the gold-fringed flag, when displayed, is legal notice to all who enter of the type of law that holds jurisdiction. The constitutional United States flag signifies common law jurisdiction. The gold-fringed United States flag is an "Admiralty" or "War" flag,
which denotes Admiralty or martial law. As mentioned above, there are two "United States" – one which is comprised of the "Republic States" and the other comprised of the "United States" which without authority of law incorporated itself in 1871 and 1874. Are you aware that there are also two separate and distinct "flags" for each of these "United States?" It is the flag appearing within the sanctuary of the "bar" in the courtroom that determines the laws applying to that court. Flag #1 – Flags with gold fringe, gold braid, gold eagle, gold spear or gold ball atop the flagpole establish the jurisdiction of the Admiralty, maritime or administration jurisdiction.

Flag #2 – Article III (Three) of the United States Constitution describes the jurisdiction of the court by the American flag of peace, Title 4 U.S.C., 1 & 2. This flag is described as red, white and blue with stripes of red and white horizontally placed in alternation. Under the
jurisdiction of the American flag of peace, the United States Constitution is alive and well and all rights are preserved. People are innocent until proven guilty. The jurisdiction of the American Flag is the determining factor upon which all citizens' rights are determined.
Remember always that the gold fringed flag is your warning that you are entering into a foreign enclave, the same as if you are stepping into a foreign embassy and you will be under the jurisdiction of that flag. The flag with the gold or yellow fringe has no constitution,
no laws, and no rules of court, and is not recognized by any nation on the earth, and is foreign to you and the United States of America. You can clearly see that the gold fringed
flag does not, I repeat not, symbolize a ceremonial flag. The next time you see this yellow/gold-fringed flag, you will know what you are looking at and what it really symbolizes. Even our VFW National organization in their Flag Questions and Answers section
that appear on the web site states that the fringe started in the early 1800s as decorative enrichment. They claim that there are no rules that prohibit the use of fringe on a U.S. flag by non-government groups or organizations, which isn't the case in fact. Please feel free to contact me anytime you need assistance in any way with regard to the Bylaws of the VFW. Remember to address your concerns either to

my address of 1809 N. Oneida St.,

Appleton, WI 54911, e-mail to, or phone at 920-



Martin Earl: Fisher –V- Navajo County, Arizona, Personas Case No. CR2009-0303

Former Police Officer 
Challenges Court Jurisdiction


On the day of April 20, 2009, a Free man on the land commonly known as Martin Earl: Fisher went to the business office of The Navajo County Court. I went to present the PERSON, a legal fiction which lives only in a fictional world of Legist Personas Case No. CR2009-0303, Navajo County, Arizona .

I, as an Agent of the PERSON had already served, via registered US Mail a NOTICE on the Judge that I reserved all of my rights and charged a fee of $2500 in Gold and silver coin of the united States for acting as Agent of the PERSON. I gave her 24 hours to reject my offer to serve as an agent over the account by dropping the charge with prejudice. If she did not, I would consider my offer accepted and fulfill the order to present the PERSON at a hearing.

The charge was taken to a grand jury who returned a true bill. The amount of my fee was about $50,000 Federal Reserve Notes, since us gold and silver coins can only lawfully be exchanged for face value of the coin. 

I got no response, so my offer was accepted and my fee agreed to. (I will explain how I will collect later). BTW, the charge was for every order given that I chose to fulfill. Then I went on about the Law, her oath of office, blah blah, I am the master, she is the servant, blah blah. UCC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, COMMON LAW reservation of rights the works.

So, the man goes to court and the security guard gives me a piece of paper with some mumbo jumbo about how the hearing was not until next week. I took a blue pen, wrote on the paper, "ACCEPTED FOR VALUE RETURNED FOR VALUE BY: my signature, WITHOUT PREJUDICE AND REFUSAL FOR CAUSE FOR MARTIN E. FISHER" I gave it back to him and told him to give it to the judge. 

A few min. later, another guard handed me a motion paper to fill out and submit so I could try to have the hearing today. I did not fill it out. Sovereigns do not PLEAD, they simply request and their servants fulfill the request (the Law of Kings). Lest you think I am boasting or Ego filled, you must remember everyone working for the Government is a SWORN PUBLIC SERVANT; it is their oath and duty to SERVE the public.

So, I notice that the name and case is marked out on the calendar, I go into the court room anyway. The so called Honorable judge walks in and everyone but me stands up. (Standing for another human is not equality; she does not stand when I enter the room). She is wearing her black Priest Robe, so the show begins. There are two armed bailiffs there just for little ole' me.

If you have never seen your Government in action, go to any court and watch the show. They always make the PERSON say their name and walk past the "BAR" (this is the act of getting on a ship, and subjecting your "PERSON" to Maritime Jurisdiction and leaving the land) Look at the Flag of any court room, it will have a gold fringe around it, this is a Maritime Flag or military Flag, it gives away the fact you are not on the land, but 'under' Admiralty jurisdiction and a passenger on a ship. The list of names and cases outside the court is a passenger list and ship manifest, just like the old days for getting on a ship. This is why, if you board the ship and complain about your "Constitutional Rights" the judge will give you a contempt charge. The Captain of the ship has control of the ship while on the water, the Constitution is the law of the Land, you just left the land if you gave your name, respond to any title (Mr. Mrs. DEFENDANT, whatever) or walked

past the BAR. You choose to get on the ship and surrender your Rights listed in the Constitution. We were magically transformed into a PERSON, not a man or a woman. 

So, I go into court and the judge calls my person’s name, I say "I am here on that NUMBER". The game starts, is your NAME MARTIN FISHER?

"I am commonly known as Martin Fisher" I do not go past the BAR and stay on dry land.

JP: "Is your name, MARTIN FISHER?

"I am here to [re?]present, Martin Fisher."

JP: "OK, Mr. FISHER..."

"No ma'am, I am not a MISTER, I am a man, you can call me Martin.

JP: "The Bailiff will give this to MARTIN FISHER."

(He walks up and takes a paper from her and brings it toward me)

I ignore him and do not take the paper.

"Ma'am, you must not understand, I am not MARTIN FISHER and that paper does not have my name on it, I cannot accept it. On and for the record, do you have the right to tell me who I am?"

No reply to my question, instead, I get "Let the record show Martin is appearing for MARTIN FISHER (men and women cannot appear, only ghosts can) I interrupt her and say; "No, let the record show I am not appearing, I am here, a man standing on dry ground, you do not have jurisdiction over me, nor can you call me whatever you want."

She gets out this big book of STATUTES and says "Rule 9 of the criminal..." I don't even let her finish. 

"Excuse me ma’am, is that a Statute you just quoted? Or is it a Law?" "On and for the record, if it is a Statute, it does not apply to me, as I am not under your Admiralty Jurisdiction, I have not entered into your jurisdiction, and you do not have my consent to bring me into your jurisdiction. " 

"Now, judge, answer my question on and for the record, is that a Statute or a LAW?"

No answer, the book gets closed and the judge is now getting pissed.

"Again, on and for the Record, I am a man, standing on dry ground and a SOVEREIGN, statutes do not apply to me- do you on and for the record wish to dispute that? I am here for one reason, that is to challenge your jurisdiction, do you on the record want to claim you have jurisdiction over me, a sovereign man standing on dry land or not?"

She is literally forcing herself to keep her mouth closed. "I am telling the Bailiffs to remove Mr. Fisher from this hearing, it will continue without him." Two bailiffs, one on each side of me, armed with GLOCK pistols start telling me to leave the court room.




They continue to tell me to leave and the judge continues to talk, it was a mess, but I stood my ground. The Judge is dying to give me an order, but she KNOWS what that will cost (remember my fee of $2500 in Gold and Silver coin for every order I fulfill). 

There is now another armed Sheriff in the room as well the 6 or 7 other people who have been there the whole time. 

The Judge stands up and says "This hearing is adjourned!" the court recorder, and everyone else on her ship were taken aback by this and did not even have time to stand up before judge was out of the room.

I turned to bailiff and said "I will not leave this court until I choose to, in fact, I am going to sit right here, on this bench." I sat down and he is still telling me I have to leave. I tell him "The judge left the room it is now MINE. This is a court of the People, I am one of the people, she left the court room to me, since it is rightfully mine and she knows it, that is why she left and I am still here!"

After a few more educational moments with one of our public servants, he apologized and I told him there was no reason for that, I appreciated his professionalism and for not touching me.

I then told those left in my court room, "I am now leaving by my own choice." I steeled myself to walk out the door, fully expecting the scene from the MATRIX when NEO walks into the building to save Morpheus from the agents and SWAT team in black uniforms start shooting. But alas, nobody likes to play with me; I had a pleasant conversation with an old friend and left the building knowing I am a free man on the land. As I walked past the guard who was at the front door, I smiled and said "Damn it feels good to be a FREE-MAN!" to the rap cadence of `Damn it feels good to be a gangsta' because, you know, I am a 40 year old white guy and that's cool, right?

I swear the above to be true and recorded to the best of my memory, without prejudice and not legal advice. By: Martin Earl: Fisher.

Thank you "antiterrorist" , robert, sam, Lewis, et al! The truth shall set you free.

After a 1.5 years of hard study, prayer and several learning experiences, I think I got it!!!

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine

Love and peace to all!

By the way, she is known as the toughest judge in the county! The hanging judge they call her, I hear. I guess what really made the difference was:

1. I really practiced what I would say. 

2. I served her with a hell of a fee schedule, 2500 in gold and silver coin at face value is about $50,000 US Federal Reserve Notes, for EACH ORDER, payable at time of service. Fasting and prayers did not hurt either. Thanks to the Creator for this information! !

Tomorrow, a bill will be served via Notary with a 72 hour pay deadline, then a certificate of non-response and collection charges of 2500 US Gold or Silver coin PER DAY until it is paid, plus collection charges as I see fit. If anyone like more details or where I got my info, I will be glad to share it here, as it was provided for me without charge or profit by my showers of the lawful path.

I really pushed, I was a police officer for 7 years, I know how to read people, she never directly confronted me, even with prolonged eye contact, when she did, she looked away quickly. I wanted to push the issue so I did. I do not recommend my approach for everyone.

The original charge against the person was 'driving on a suspended DL'. Given over 4 months ago, signed without prejudice. The next day, the agent went into the JP and rescinded the signature, the JP refused and called armed members of the Ex. Branch to remove the agent from the place of business. A failure to appear charge and warrant was put out for the person as well as an officer safety bulletin claiming that 'A notice was left on the step of the JP office, threatens the judge and is claiming he is a Sovereign entity and not subject to the laws of the land, is a martial arts and firearms expert use caution' Of course, nothing to id ME, just the person. *a note was written that the only proof of jurisdiction acceptable to take away my life, liberty or pursuit of happiness was death, so IF the JP had jurisdiction over my Creator endowed rights, he could come kill me and to 'put on your black dress and prove jurisdiction. ' It was not a threat, it was a PROOF OF CLAIM offer! 

Later, several cops with rifles were waiting the JP court for me to show up, which I did not. After a long phone call with the local sheriff, the warrant quashed and the case remanded to the superior court. 

The county here has a grand jury system, all charges are run by a GJ. So, they drop the original charge (since it was signed wit. prejudice) I guess and charged the PERSON again.

That led to the hearing for the person on the 20th. I have all documents relating to the incident. 




Thanks for posting this beautiful example! I have copied it and now entering it into the manuals I am building!



If anyone questions the authenticity of: Martin Earl: Fisher –V- Navajo County, Arizona, Personas Case No. CR2009-0303

Tell them that it also can be pulled from any federal depository library.  

I have been studying and reading on 'special appearance' and questioning jurisdiction a long time. This is the best I have seen.

Thank you



Don't put your trust in a pervert at the bench.

Place your trust in God.

That didn't work for me a few months ago. The Cache County, Utah Deputy didn't honor it, nor did the Prosecutors or the Judge. But it did initiate a law suit and the process to have their bonds removed using the Uniform Bonding Code! Bonding companies don't like bonding those who are "anti-social! (and they don't have to bond criminal activity!)

about time you waded in Hensley . I thought you had moved to a mine in death Valley LOL



I stop and read you comments all the time Quisno.

I would love to have coffee with you when that mine gets in full production little buddy.

Looking forward to long term friendship bud.

well have to connect. the mine there never got permission to open seems like the BLM is being sh--t heads.

LOL California dont work that way .


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