Bailing Out the Taxpayers Instead of the Bankers

Congress should pass legislation in declaring a Tax Jubilee in 2020. No individuals, sole proprietors or corporations would be required to file or tax income taxes. 

The cost of operations for would be approximately $4.4 trillion dollars which could be paid out of the $152 trillion dollar Federal Assets.

Total National Assets    Click Here

Go to the bottom of the table and go to the fourth see how 

This is an idea that is truly non-partisan. It will benefit virtually everyone. Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, the rich and the poor and anyone who wants to keep more of their hard earned money. 

The federal government owns 411,415 buildings with a total of almost 3 billion sq. ft. of building area all acquired at a cost of about $327 billion. The federal government also has 59,036 leases on 45,261 buildings with an annual rental cost to the taxpayers of just over $6 billion.

Why not sell some of the property owned by the government and use the proceeds instead of tax dollars to pay for the cost of doing business?

 "Read This Land is Not Your Land" By Laurence Vance     Click Here 

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Keith Broaders

1230 N Street Apt 510
Sacramento, California

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Sounds like a Great idea.  Seems the Federal lands out West are locked up resources as collateral to Central Banks for loans.  Wherever gold can be panned from streams in America are now Federal lands where nothing can be removed.

If the income tax was abolished, the parents of school aged children would have the money necessary to pay tuition for their children to go to the schools of their choice.


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