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Saturday, April 12, 2014

· Bundy Ranch Standoff – INDIVIDUAL American’s, cowboys, militia, patriots, oath keepers, constitutionalists, mothers, grandmas and families shut down the 15 in both directions, followed the cowboys to the federal cattle pens then advanced upon the heavily armed BLM thugs, federal snipers and militarized contractors with our hands in the air to peacefully demand the release of Bundy’s stolen property. Below is the general timeline of events during the standoff with links to my videos:

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #1 - The Cowboys Arrive: Around 9:49 am 4/12/14. The Bundy mounted Calvary takes the hill

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #2 - Waiting for the Sheriff: Around 10:06 am 4/12/14. May make you dizzy but this is a good view of the people gathered around waiting for the Sheriff that morning.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #3 - The Geese, The No Fly Zone: Around 10:16 am 4/12/14. A few geese flew overhead a minute or two before this video and the people took notice. Then this huge "flock" came flying overhead and totally disobeyed the no fly zone. They didn’t even have a permit!

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #4 - Metro Shows, No Sheriff: Around 10:57 am 4/12/14. Metro Shows Up...not escorting Sheriff Gillespie

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #5 - We Have to Bring Cowboys to All of Our Protests!: Around 11:02 am 4/12/14. Uh wow. One of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. Of course, we had no idea what we were about to walk into.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #6 - State Highway Patrol Uh...Escort: Around 11:30 am 4/12/14. Driving on the 15N on the way to...the BLM cattle release party we get passed by NV State Highway Patrol

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #7 - The Cowboys Are on Their Way: Around 11:46 am 4/12/14 I get my first glimpse of the cowboys heading our way. Sorry for the spinning and crappy camera work but it was a bit hectic to say the least.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #8 - The Cowboys Are Coming! The Cowboys Are Coming!: Around 11:55 am 4/12/14. At this point the majority of us still had no idea what we were about to walk into when we were going to turn that corner. Assume this is around the time the first group to arrive was saying a prayer and the unarmed Dennis Michael Lynch from NY was attempting to reason with the BLM thugs before we got there.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #9 - My First Federal Standoff Video: Around 12:07 pm on 4/12/14. This is the first video I shot from down in the shooting gallery. Where's our LRAD? :) Uh...what a scene.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #10 - Is This Really Happening?: Around 12:11 pm 4/12/14. Totally surreal and at this point I am still peeking around the corner of the freeway pilings to look at the BLM thugs. Not initially seeing the snipers trained on us and still not quite grasping what is about to happen.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #11 - Let The Cows Go!: Around 12:11 pm 4/12/14. At this point I realized I was unarmed at a standoff with the feds with nothing but a half full camera battery and a bottle of water.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #12 - First Advance, Are You Going to Shoot All of Us?!: Around 12:16 pm 4/12/14 – Our 1st Advance, they are toying with us and we are FED up! This is not a good time to be a freedom loving American who despises tyranny. This was THE moment it all became crystal clear. We had to advance now because they were playing with us. THIS was the first time I really feared something was going to go terribly wrong but the only weapon I had was being an unarmed woman so I started walking. We all started walking. Sh@t yourself in

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #13 - Second Advance...Don't Shoot Mr Park Ranger (Cell Vid): At 12:17 pm on 4/12/14. At this point my camera battery is already dying so this is from my cell phone. I LOVE the militia man that walked in front of us to keep the crowd calm and off the fence.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #14 - We Will Wait Till The Cows Come Home (Cell Vid): Around 12:24 pm on 4/12/14. This may have been the time they asked all armed people to move back from the fence.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #15 - We Aren't Leaving!: Around 12:26 pm on 4/12/14. Very strange chatting with cowboys and patriots while surrounded by 200+ militarized LEO and feds ready to shoot Americans. Strange days indeed.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #16 - BLM & Snipers & Blackwater Oh My!: Around 12:27 pm on 4/12/14 - Just here to protect and serve our people. With snipers and Academi mercenaries.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #17 - Cowboys vs Communists: Around 12:30 pm on 4/12/14. The thugs hadn’t pulled out yet. Maybe if we sing to them?

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #18 - "BLM" Contractor Tactical Retreat: Around 12:39 pm on 4/12/14. BLM starts to pull back. Tactically....just like any good little hired contractors fresh off the Afghan battlefield would.

· **First Sighting of Rhodes and Mack down in the Shooting Gallery at 1:52 pm (my camera timestamps are 5 minutes fast): Someone said Mack and Rhodes showed up and I immediately saw Mack all decked out in his CSPOA bumble bee garb but I had to search for Rhodes as he only had an OD green hat on with the small OK’s militiaman logo on it. Wouldn’t have even known he was an OK if I didn’t know him. You can see from my two photos below. My problem with this is Rhodes wasn’t flying the Oath Keepers yellow because he didn’t know what he was going to be walking in to but once WE were victorious he is willing to wear his OK’s yellow? Wonder what his speech would have been had he walked down to a blood bath. Bet he wouldn’t even have the OD green hat on anymore. This is also the point that Mack comes up and asks if I know who he is and you can see him walk up to me in Rhodes own video. That’s when he confirmed what he told Alicia, that he had a very important tea party meeting to attend Friday night that he just couldn’t get out of. Funny…I worked all day and drove through the night to get there. (FYI…My original post said 1:57pm, I just learned my camera timestamp is actually 5 minutes fast. All of the video timestamps above have been adjusted and are correct but all of my photos will be 5 minutes fast.) My personal photos from the standoff & Rhodes own video started minutes before my first pic of him below:

· OK’s Video: Bundy’s Cowboy Up and Get the Cattle Back (Raw Video from 4/12, published on OK’s national on 4/21)
Some Highlights: Sounds like this is Rhodes own video when he first got on site which is when I get my first pics of them at 1:57pm. You see Mack walk up to me to ask if I know who he is at 7:08 (you can hear me say “but you missed all of the excitement” which was right after he told me about his “important tea party meeting” the night before. Around 8:20 Rhodes says well Mack and I weren’t here but our people where. 10 minutes Mack and Rhodes to the rescue! Around 12:30: hold my camera so you can get a shot of me taking down the fence. 12:20 Mack walks through with family then does nothing. 16:30 Mack realizes he looks like a dick just standing there, tries to look busy (at least Rhodes actually helped move fences and the light). 19:18 Rhodes takes his camera back then starts thinking about his big Oath Keepers victory speech.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #19 - The Cows Come Home: Around 2:52 pm on 4/12/14. My photo timestamps put the first cowboys coming under the pass at 2:48 pm, This video was taken at 2:52pm. At this point we had been waiting for hours and our camera and cell batteries are almost totally dead so vids get very short. By 11:45am that morning we had abandoned our RUNNING car with the windows open on the 15 fwy and had made our way down to the staging area so it was over 3 hours from the time we got to the staging area to the first cattle fleeing the BLM under the pass. It had been so loud all day with federal choppers and planes and tyrannical zombies screaming on the PA but when the cattle were ready to come could hear a pin drop. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house and I still get the chills watching this. AMAZING.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #20 - FREEDOM COWS!!!: Around 3:02 pm on 4/12/14. They needed complete silence so the cattle wouldn't spook coming through the pass but once we saw the family and the last line of wranglers...the place went nuts. When was the last time you requested, petitioned or protested your tyrannical government about something and actually got some results? Please refer to my standoff video #5...We have to bring cowboys to all of our protests! Tiny dots. Some with AR-15's. Others with cameras.

· Bundy Ranch Standoff 4/12/14 #21 - Hopefully My Last Federal Standoff Video: Around 3:03 pm on 4/12/14. This is the last video of the day for me as all batteries were drained. So were we. The last of the wranglers and the family come out. Wow. Did that really just happen?! Unbelievable. Time for a tactical Coors OG and a III%'er CFM AAR.

· “Richard Mack Victory speech” at the Bundy Ranch: As soon as the video starts you see an OK hand out an OK hat and Rhodes says…where’s my hat? Around :15 the OK offers up his dirty, sweaty hat to Rhodes which I am sure he reluctantly put on because he was caught at an American Revolution with ZERO OK yellow on.

· “Stewart Rhodes Victory speech” at the Bundy Ranch: Wearing someone else’s sweaty hat, now that it wasn’t a blood bath and he had victory photos to take.

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