The Constitution Club is not a non profit organization, it is simply a website operated by a man who loves liberty and the principles promoted in the Declaration of Independence, Donations to the website are not tax deductible, but the funds received will be used to promote the education of the American people.

It took a miracle back in 1776 to prepare the American people for the battle for independence. The miracle took place when hundreds of thousands of copies of the pamphlet "Common Sense" were distributed throughout the colonies. Almost overnight the American people collectively became decided that they would rather fight for liberty than to subject themselves to tyranny.

Once again the American people face a crisis and must choose to accept or reject tyranny. Thanks to the internet we can reach literally millions of people in matter of minutes. This tool is the miracle that that we must harness to educate the American people on the principles that our fathers fought and died to bestow upon us.

The Constitution Club has created a special social networking website for every county in America. Like minded individuals now have a platform where they can communicate with one another on important local issues and the candidates that will be running for office in our counties. Individuals can post articles, videos, comments and questions. They can announce the meetings and upcoming events. The websites have pages dedicated to patriot organizations such as the Oath Keepers, Tea Party Patriots and the Campaign for Liberty.

I have created a sample website:   Generic County of America 

Each website will have a local county webmaster and volunteers are needed. When we get hundreds or thousands of people registered in each county, we will become an irresistible force that will enable us to restore our Constitution and the principles of liberty.

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This is great. More of us need to be aware of how valuable our constitution is. However, are you aware that the republic form of governance has been restored, re inhabited is a better word.?? In 2010, a group of concerned Americans took the lawful steps to re inhabit the constitutional republic form of government that went dormant back in 1871. check it out.

Article V is our first Constitutional right.  All amendments must have constitutional intent.  "The people are the rightful masters of the congress and the courts", (Lincoln, 1859).

How?  With free speech.  But, it is abridged and never was understood.  Free speech must exist for knowledge needed for survival to be shared and understood.  The competition for inclusion kept the philosophical break down out of the DOI then the 1st amendment.

Accordingly, we must seriously intensify our discussion of prime constitutional intent.

That's exactly why this form of communication we are using now must never be controlled by the government at any level in any way, ever. This is the dawn of a new day good or bad. I'm reminded of my Mother's words, "If you don't happen to life, life will happen to you." Which kind of person do you wanna be?


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