When a City becomes incorporated it becomes a part of the larger corporation known as the United States. The purpose of a municipal corporation is to control and manage the assets of the corporation. A corporation has rules and regulations that are called codes and ordinances. These regulations are not laws. They are enforced under the color of law. They do not apply to natural born Citizens, they only apply to people who are “subject to the jurisdiction” of the municipal corporation.

Your City is a corporation and you are a corporate asset. And since you engage in buying things, you can be controlled by virtue of the “commerce clause”. Originally communities were organized to protect the lives, liberty and property of “inhabitants”, but when cities became incorporated their new purpose was to control the lives, liberty and property of the “residents” living in the community.

In order to force compliance, the City governments hire enforcers known as police officers. Their job is to control the people and raise revenue for the corporation, not to protect the rights of the people.

When individuals live within these city limits they are “subject to the jurisdiction” of the local corporation and responsible to comply with all of the codes and ordinances being adopted by the City and/or the County where you live.

Individuals become “subjects” of the corporation when they enter into what is known as adhesion contracts. Birth Certificates, Driver's Licenses, Voter Registration Cards, and Social Security Cards are all adhesion contracts that make individuals “subject to the jurisdiction” of the corporations.

City Council members are actually members of the Board of Directors of your local corporation. Like the Lords of the Manor in the days of old, these modern day aristocrats consistently violate the rights of the people in the name of providing for their safety. Whatever happened to individual liberty and personal responsibility?

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