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The "Civil" Rights Act

The 41st Amendment

Section 1.

As our rights are already protected in word by the “Bill of Rights” and are by necessity an inalienable gift from God which CANNOT be granted by men with any Act or statute, The “Civil Rights Act of 1964” is Hereby repealed.

Section 2.

Congress shall make no law in regard to this Article.

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I agree. Unfortunately, our human condition is we fail in measuring up to Christian principles all the time. It is knowing that it is God who has given us the power of choice. It is from God that we have these Rights, not by men, nor government. Jefferson himself states this. 

why is it that the first thing most christians say is, "we fail?"

Like The Declaration of Independence, The Second Amendment (hence Bill of Rights) didn't give the people any rights, it simply revealed some rights the masses were brain washed to forget... easier to "grant rights" that way.

When it comes to Natural Born Citizens. It all comes from both Father ans Mother of being also born in the United States. So one only being born of the mother or father in which is born after say a remarriage or divorce. But is not disputed by a court of peers? When ones self leaves or comes back into The United States from another Country? Anchor Baby's?..


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