Just how many of those associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton have died under suspicious circumstances.

Watch these videos and draw your own conclusions

Is there enough evidence for a Grand Jury to consider indicting Hillary and Bill Clinton on murder charges?

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I have met Larry and he is the real deal. I have a signed copy of his book on the Clintons and his involvement with them. I have heard all of these stories and more having been an avid follower of Quinn and Rose. I even dated Rose's cousin. I couldn't be more informed about these two if I was actually a fly on the wall in the oval office. Hillary is the hit-man in that relationship. When Hillary spoke, her liberal cronies jumped into action. She was the one who put the hit out on Vince Foster.

Mena Air base? The two boys on the tracks? Blood-Gate? The 57 unexplained disappearances/deaths surrounding these two? Ruby Ridge? Waco and The Branch Davidians? Janet Reno? Lon Horiuchi? Moctar Riati? Johnny Yalin Tree? Sequential check donations? Lost X-rays? Ron Brown and the mysterious .45 caliber hole in his head? "Bungled" investigations, including the D.C. Park Police? Shall I go on?

Yea I know everything there is to know about these two and I have concluded that Hillary is the Anti-Christ. And Webster Hubbel is Chelea's biological father. No question.

Make the gallows real high and the noose real tight and the rope real long .

And invite the public to watch, just like the good old days.

And leave the two of them hanging there in the town square over night, or until they get real gooey.

Add Bengazi .

And just where would you find such a Grand Jury and a judge to even entertain the idea!  Congress won't even do anything--bunch of rats!


Democ- Rats


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