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How many of your friends have died mysteriously in the past 30 years? How many of your friends have died in car accidents and plane crashes or jumped out of  windows?

I think the Bill and Hillary Clinton have had over a hundred of their close friends and associates die mysteriously. Why is it the deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown and the scores Clinton friends who have died prematurely not been investigated by Grand Juries?

Partial List of the Clinton friends who paid the ultimate price

It has been the standard operating procedure for dictators in other countries to eliminate their political  opposition by any means necessary.

I guess power does corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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And they say crime doesn't pay.

You've got it backwards Valerie,

It's payees don't crime. You see, their main goal was always easy street, lots of money and to hell with the criminal nature of their goings on.


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