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I don't even need to supply a link. You can do a search if you find these curious.

The latest is that the "Guccifer" foreign hacker witness that gave testimony against Hillary has been found dead in his jail cell in Virginia. The official story is that he commited suicide. But why? I would have expected he worked out a real sweet deal if he cooperated with the fbi. Why would he commit suicide? Doesn't make sense. How convenient that Hillary just lost a witness if brought into an actual courtroom.

The head of the fbi, James Comey, who just yesterday let Hillary get a free pass, has a unique employment resume. No law enforcement or investigative background. His previous employer was HSBC at the time when the CIA was laundering drug money. Very interesting that a banking guy gets an important government job. Hmmm, isn't Hillary funded by certain banking interests too? What a coincidence!
Thanks 5War. However, I am cautious trusting snopes. They have been found to be manipulating facts for some agenda. Not always, just a few. So yes, let's keep an eye out for more on this one. How do we even know if there really is "a guy"? Anything can be a hoax for our entertainment.

Anyone know about the history of Comey?


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