The reason that we have become slaves in America is because we simply don't think. Since the time of our birth we have been programmed to do what we are told. We have been taught that obedience is a virtue and that it is morally wrong to question authority.

Those who control the government know that it is much easier to control someone who is sound asleep than it is control individuals who are wide awake.

As the German philosopher Goethe once observed, "The most helpless of all is the man who falsely believes he is free.

A government able to control what the people believe is able to control their thoughts and their actions. John Adams observed that there are only two ways to make a man or a country a slave, you can either conquer them or you can burden them with debt.

The Wall Street Corporations and International Bankers have successfully  converted a nation of free individuals into a gigantic flock of sheep living on a Federal plantation who falsely believe they are free. A person in debt is a slave to his creditor. He is a debt slave to his master.

At one time is was a self evident truth that "all men are created equal" and were "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights." Those rights are now privileges granted to us by the government.

A legitimate government derives "its just power from the consent of the governed." Our government was created to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people. Instead of being the servant of the people, the government has become the Master and we have become Slaves.

In order to restore liberty, we must summon the courage to refuse to comply with unconstitutional legislation and unjust laws. People who fear their government become prisoners by their consent.

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Keith did you hear this?

Tea Party Organizers -- A Troll-Free No Spin Zone!

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FYI. I am hearing rumor that NING may be closing up shop. That would mean no more TPO at this address. It appears NING may be integrating/merging onto Facebook and/or twitter. I would doubt NING would just up and disappear as opposed to trying to merge in with facebook because that is the way biz does things. As I said this is only a rumor so far and I will keep everyone informed if/when I find out anything further.

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There are other sites we can build on besides Ning. No worries. Just another;

"bump in the road" - Hillary Clinton

they have tricked the People into voluntary servitude through the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen; the slave plantation is that corporate ten square mile known as District of Columbia who is doing business as United States Inc; where this private corp, and it's board members (president, vp, treasurer, congres) are masquerading as the dejure organic government of, for, and by the People, under the republic, and operating under the supreme law of the land (common law= no injured party, no case)

this is far from the truth; so these corporate members of this private U.S. Inc have extended their corporate slave plantation onto the several 50 states through subsidiaries doing business as 'STATE OF' COUNTY OF' and 'CITY OF'

to extend this private U.S. corp jurisdiction onto the several 50 states of the union, and to identify their corporate members, they broke the republic down into 10 federal zones and created zip codes; numbers starting with #0 from the east coast all the way to the west coast ending with #9

bottom line is: the U.S. citizen through the 14th Amendment is their creation and have total authority and control over it; it is their chattel (property); you are volunteering to use it; this U.S. citizen now falls under this private corps codes and statutes; and come under the second, corporate constitution;

the People are protected under the supreme law of the land (common law), the original organic constitution;

there are two constitutions; one for the Republic; and one for the private U.S. corp located on the District of Columbia;

which one do you want to be under?

Sounds like what I should tell the judge, Know;

at our hearing with the building inspector's false criminal filings. You know, Corpus Delecti? No Body, No Murder? The way I understand it is that false reporting of a crime IS a crime. No?

Look up common law in Black's Law Dictionary. ...Then post it here.

Why didn't you just do it for us Eric?

Ok, I'll bite.

Here it is; Common Law


  1. The system of laws originating in England, as distinct from the civil or Roman law and the canon or ecclesiastical law.
  2. The unwritten law, especially of England, based on custom or court decision, as distinct from statute law.
  3. The law administered through the system of courts established for the purpose, as distinct from equity or admiralty.

Rather "COMMON."


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