The Constitution Club is not a political party, but it is a coalition of like minded individuals who are dedicated to the restoration of the Constitution and the principles of individual

The Wall Street bankers and Corporations donate billions of dollars to elect politicians and  receive trillions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks.

Political parties are organizations where individuals come together  to exploit their political opponents. Individuals that are well educated and well informed don't need to have a political party to tell them how and who to vote for.

Giving an uneducated voter the right to vote is like a child a loaded revolver. To secure the blessings of liberty we must be well informed and well educated. Trusting the media and the public schools to educate the people is a recipe for disaster.

The goal of the Constitution is to teach the people the role of the government and their responsibility to hold elected officials accountable.

The candidates of the republican and democratic party both take their marching orders from the financial elite that purchase their Congressional seats.

As long as the money donated by the Wall Street bankers and corporation decides who our representatives will be, the financial elite will control control our destiny.

The American people who trust crooked lawyers and greedy politicians are like a flock of sheep that trust a pack of wolves to  keep them safe.


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