Contrary to popular belief the Constitution for the united States is not a contract. It is a rule book written to limit the authority of the government in order to protect the lives, liberty and property of the  people.

A contract is an agreement that creates an obligation to the participating parties abide by the mutually agreed upon terms.

The Constitution was written to govern the government not the people. It is the responsibility of government to obey the rules and it is our responsibility to enforce them.

If we don't hold our government officials accountable they have no incentive to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The Constitution can not  protect us, if we  don't defend it.

Unfortunately when our Congressional Representatives violate the rules instead of being punished, they are rewarded by the Wall Street bankers and corporations who fund their campaigns.

We can not expect our elected officials to do their job, if we fail to do our job. We must either submit to tyranny or take responsibility. Giving Congress access to our credit cards is like giving the keys to your liquor cabinet to a thirsty alcoholic.

We the people elect the representatives, but they take their marching orders from the financial elite. We were supposed to be the employer and the government officials were to be our employees.

For our government to function properly, we must educate ourselves on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility and hold our elected officials accountable.

If we don't govern our government, our government will become our masters and we will become their servants. The only way we can have a government of, by and for the people is for each of us to take responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable.

Representatives who violate the Constitution should be indicted and prosecuted and if found guilty they should be sent to prison for the rest of their lives.

The Constitution is not a contract, it is the Supreme Law of the land and it is the responsibility of the people to enforce it.

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I am really enjoying the discussion.  Personally, I tend to favor the idea of the Constitution as being a contract between the people and the government.  

The Constitution cannot be a contract between the people and the government because the Constitution created the government, and a contract must be between things that already exist. The only kind of "contract" it could be would be among the already existent people. In a sense that is what every law is, but the real contract in that case is the social contract, not the constitution of government. See

Contract is between the Limited Federal government and the many States - each agrees to the various articles. So, it is not a agreement between the people and the government - States are the ratifying party and the Article I II and III are the Federal government.

And the "states"  live on a piece of paper....are now corporations....they have to represent people....a piece of paper can not contract but people can.....and they contract to those who take a "solemn oath"    that is the contract.....In actuality...we are merely beneficiaries of the contract and not participate in the contract itself ....until one of the government employees starts messing with our rights.   

No, States are not corporations . . they are Constitutional States that represent the people. The Contract is between The elected officers of the Federal government and the State legislatures that ratified the constitution. It is now the base Federal law that limits the power of the Federal government - see Article I section 8.

All governments are corporations. Always have been, since village elders met under a tree. Some here don't understand what a corporation is. Government corporations are nonprofit corporations, not for-profit corporations (or at least they are not set up to be that). 

The Corporation you address was a License from the King for an exclusive area to trade in - no others can operate there.

there are two is a republic the other a corporation as USA inc.  Look it up on Dunn and Bradstreet.   You will find south Central district court right under south central excavating   ....all corporations....

look up your own in go to dept of vital records and ask for your original birth certificate ...called a genealogy in ND and ask for your "certification of birth"   you will get 2 entirely different will be spelled normally ...the other will be all caps...all on raised bonded paper and each with a separate bond number.   one is you obviously is not.   That is the corporation ...or trust established in your name to control you....One of you has constitutional rights...the other does not....The simplest explanation is to look at your check book.   The all caps version is on  the heading.   Then read the signature line....Yes those are words on that line....there will be a  "mp" on that line which stands for   "microprinting"   Then get a good magnifying glass and read the line.....and then do not doubt....but believe

Please consider the following: The states were created as constitutional republics with limited powers over its citizens.  Over all others, who were under municipal law, it had almost unlimited powers.

Under the pretense that only fed / 14th citizens are left, which are under civil / municipal law, the states take on the appearance of fed districts with civil / municipal law being the only law - just like in fed areas.

Actually every state and every state agency is incorporated, as is the case with the United States and its many agencies and departments.

Some place I have a long list of Oregon state agencies and their TIN #'s.

Just read the document. The Constitution IS a contract between WE THE PEOPLE that made the offer, via their reps, and the STATES, where the contract offer was sent for approval.


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