Contrary to popular belief the Constitution for the united States is not a contract. It is a rule book written to limit the authority of the government in order to protect the lives, liberty and property of the  people.

A contract is an agreement that creates an obligation to the participating parties abide by the mutually agreed upon terms.

The Constitution was written to govern the government not the people. It is the responsibility of government to obey the rules and it is our responsibility to enforce them.

If we don't hold our government officials accountable they have no incentive to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The Constitution can not  protect us, if we  don't defend it.

Unfortunately when our Congressional Representatives violate the rules instead of being punished, they are rewarded by the Wall Street bankers and corporations who fund their campaigns.

We can not expect our elected officials to do their job, if we fail to do our job. We must either submit to tyranny or take responsibility. Giving Congress access to our credit cards is like giving the keys to your liquor cabinet to a thirsty alcoholic.

We the people elect the representatives, but they take their marching orders from the financial elite. We were supposed to be the employer and the government officials were to be our employees.

For our government to function properly, we must educate ourselves on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility and hold our elected officials accountable.

If we don't govern our government, our government will become our masters and we will become their servants. The only way we can have a government of, by and for the people is for each of us to take responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable.

Representatives who violate the Constitution should be indicted and prosecuted and if found guilty they should be sent to prison for the rest of their lives.

The Constitution is not a contract, it is the Supreme Law of the land and it is the responsibility of the people to enforce it.

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The common law as adopted by the states was fundamentally that for there to be a crime, there had to be an injured party, excluding the regulation of commerce.

You are welcome to send me a link to your 14th information to my e-mail.

Question: Where is the authority for the fed gov to come into the states and impose its general legislation concurrently with the states?  Pre 14th there was absolutely none. After the 14th I can only find it in regard to its citizens in the states. 14th citizens are fed citizens.

Law: The states have always recognized two forms of law. The common law for whites [ the law of limited gov powers ] and civil law [ almost unlimited powers ] for all others.

The fed gov, has always been exclusively under Roman civil / municipal law as can be seen in Art 4,3,2 where in it states that the fed gov has almost unlimited powers over all things federal.

I did not buy into patriot mythcrap. I studied a lot of theories and found them to have no constitutional foundation. I studied until I could tie everything together and explain it constitutionally.  A problem in the patriot community is that people have been living all their lives believing outright lies put forth by the gov and its controlled media about having lots of rights, even though the laws and courts are quick to punish for trying to exercise them.

Courts: Where is the authority to drag a state-only citizen into a legislative / statutory state court?  The fed trial courts are USDC's / Art 4 / legislative branch courts.  Where is the authority to drag a state-only citizen into such a court?  While 14th fed citizens can be held to answer in such courts, so far I have found no one that can find the authority to drag a state-only / state born white into one.  It did not exist before the 14th and the 14th had not power to change this as admitted by the courts.

Laws: Where is the authority to impose commerce laws upon the private actions of state-only citizens. It did not exist before the 14th and the courts have admitted the 14th had no impact upon them and their rights.

The authority comes from the enforcement clause of the 14th, which covers everything you mention.

Please explain what authority are you talking about.

The courts tried to make it clear the 14th had absolutely no impact upon the existing citizens of the states - which were whites born or naturalized in a state.

The 13th Amendment was ratified correctly, including the defeated Confederacy without much force.

The 14th Amendment was ratified at bayonet point. Either the legislators supported ratification or would be replaced with people that would.

The 14th exists as law today due to the 'latches' doctrine. It has been held as law unchallenged for so long that it has survived the ability to be challenged.

Now it needs to be amended to fully incorporate the bill of rights, including the right to justice. None of which it incorporates now.

Why are THEY getting by with tricks like this .. that are coming to pass.


Sorry....I have to respectfully disagree.   Yes have made a good argument and maybe the details are mere symantics......But the constitution. I believe, is a contract....not for us but for those who take an oath to it.  We must hold them to it but they have insulated themselves to the point that it is almost impossible.  I have an issue with Work comp in ND on constitutional grounds.....According to the ND constitution,  we may not make any law that affects one group of people at the expense of another.   That is exactly what worker comp does.  It is mandatory for all workers unless you work on a farm.....And it interferes with our right to work and hire and is a I can't even get insurance from any other place....I have tried....No one will insure my help because of this....And it is extremely corrupt.   That being interrogatories to them were to establish their contract with the constitution by reaffirming their oath....Answer yes or no and why not.   Once established.....I have them in my court and not the statutory court where they rule supreme.   Also have my 2 birth certificates.  They will need to establish personal jurisdiction and I have certified copies of both the all caps one and my original one.   You can imagine my questions on that one....Both on bonded paper and with a separate bonding number......I wonder which is which....They have already hired another lawyer.   But even though I can rub their nose in the odds of winning are slim.....The point of your article....I am on the front lines...My farm is at stake....How do I govern the government?  Unless we can find an answer....I stand to lose every thing.....I stand on Article 1...section 10..."No state shall make any law impairing the obligation of contracts"   If I hire a person....I have to hire WSI too ....That is an impairment.    I will be taking this to the court of public opinion for help,  education and encouragement.   The truth must come out and I must make a stink for it to do so.

A contract is an agreement that requires the parties to mutually agree to the terms. The representatives of the people set the terms that the government was expected to follow. The Constitution was not negociated. The Constitution is simply the Supreme Law of the Land it is not a contract.

Governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. No one alive today has ever been given the opportunity to give their consent,

The only contract in the Constitution is contained in Article VII that provides the terms of its ratification by nine states. All the rest is law, which are commands from a lawgiver (the ratifiers) to those subject to its jurisdiction.

A contract is any agreement that is offered by one party (WE THE PEOPLE) and accepted by another (The States). That is exactly what the U.S. Constitution is. A contract IS a set of rules and requirements, etc. Again, exactly what the U.S. Constitution is!

The Constitution was written by representatives of the people and sent to the states for acceptance by WE THE PEOPLE, just read it. It is a contract to mostly control the Federal Government it created.

The Oath of Office, almost all of them, are written to be sure they are supported and obeyed. To violate that Oath IS perjury and a crime that WE THE PEOPLE must make sure that crime is prosecuted.

Every public servant oath is an offer, but until it is accepted by an acceptor, it means absolutely nothing. When a Public Servant makes an offer (taking the Oath Of Office) the acceptor is whatever branch or department they are being placed in. YOU are NOT a legal acceptor of that contract, therefore the offeror is under NO contractual agreement with YOU, just whatever branch or department they are being placed in. YOU have no standing as a breach of contract when that Servant violates their Oath Of Office, unless YOU have legally accepted the offer.

The oaths of state and local officials are largely patterned on the federal oath of constitutional allegiance. Typical would be the oath taken by all government officials:

I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of ______________, (and the Charter of_______________.), and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of ___________________________________.) to the best of my ability. THIS or something really close, MUST be the ONLY promise that counts when people go vote for any Public Servant, anywhere, at anytime! To do otherwise is to be completely ignorant or utterly stupid of what a democratic republic is. In other words, if ALL other promises are broken, this one will NEVER be! Americanism is based on this FACT!


One party proposed a promise or offer, this Oath Of Office, having ZERO legal meaning at that time.
A contract, in the modern sense of the word, has been defined as an agreement containing a promise enforceable in law.

At least two parties are involved, since one party cannot agree to a proposition unless it is made to him by another party and the other party has agreed or accepted. Thus, an agreement is the result of an offer by one party and an acceptance by the other party which creates a binding contract. Yes, even agreements based on a hand shake or even a nod!

Most reading this don't even know most all public servants, lawmakers, governors, judges, sheriffs, mayors, etc. take an oath of office, much less what it actually says nor who accepted it as a legal contract. WHY???

The offeror may withdraw the offer anytime until the one it is offered to formally accepts the offer and then and only then does it become a binding contract. Most think an Oath Of Office is an offer made to the people they are serving, even if they didn't vote for that person, but that is completely false. You have not ever been asked to accept the offer, therefore there is NO binding contract. The offer is generally accepted by the department that person is going to be in, but not you as a private person. The public servant has no legal obligation to you or the public-at-large whatsoever! NONE!!

States United For Americans - SUFA IS going to change all that! We don't care the platform, the party, the religion, the sexual preferences, beliefs or anything other than holding all of OUR public servants to the Oath Of Office they take in order to serve us. It is without question the MOST important promise they make!

This is the foundation that makes Americanism possible and in order for us to do that, WE have to "accept the offer"!

A judge will tell you that the Constitution doesn't mean anything in his/her court. The judge may even threaten you with a charge of 'contempt of court' when you even mention the Constitution. An Attorney will tell you that they don't use the Constitution and the same is said by tax collectors and police officers. Well, they are just withdrawing the offer to you [the American private people] simply because you, we, the private sector, have never formally "accepted" their offer.

The major reasoning behind the concept of a Notice of Acceptance of the Constitutions and of Oath of Office is the protection afforded by the constitutions of the private sector's personal liberty and private property.

With this as OUR foundation we can actually achieve OUR mission of restoring Americanism to OUR country, without it we are just repeating the INSANITY of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results and SUFA is NOT going to do that!

States United For Americans - SUFA has the steps you need to Accept the Oath Of Office as a binding contract between YOU and YOUR public servants and begin saving our Americanism.

Join or re-join us, learn, then teach others how to STOP the insanity of ONLY getting the results of more progressive socialism and less Americanism, before the vain and aspiring kill it completely.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” --Samuel Adams, the true father of Americanism!

Just click on the state you reside in and could vote in and get ready to help save your country from ruin:
NOT the Facebook you are used to! Get ready to stop living from one crises to another and start doing something that prevents those crises-es in the first place.

Do yourself a favor and STOP the INSANITY!
JOIN States United For Americans - SUFA and get ready to REALLY ACT outside the BOX!!
Force them to OBEY their Oath Of Office, OR PAY!!!
Help Take OUR Country Back!!! With REAL Action, not just talk!

we are going down the same trail.   In my interrogatories to worker comp in ND....I ask them if they are willing to accept their oath ....or not....I want them to be on the same contract as I am.   they are scrambling as to what to do.....Also I present to them my 2 birth certificates which I have certified.....and demand to know which "person" is being charged.   The questions get a bit embarrassing for them....I do expect they will try and get a protection order against me to not answer these questions...Poor me....picking on the little state....which only lives on a piece of paper.   I will check SUFA out.   My lawyer quit because I can't afford him.....He was co counsel as he said if I were a client he would lose his license....I did all the work anyway...I would never give my POA to a lawyer.  Actually feel relieved.....He was Harvard educated but knew very little law. You would enjoy my interrogatories.   If you want them I will email.... my email is   look closely at that.....mis spelled a lot    thanks   Terry kemmet    or a visit if so desired    701-471-5406


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