Contrary to popular belief the Constitution for the united States is not a contract. It is a rule book written to limit the authority of the government in order to protect the lives, liberty and property of the  people.

A contract is an agreement that creates an obligation to the participating parties abide by the mutually agreed upon terms.

The Constitution was written to govern the government not the people. It is the responsibility of government to obey the rules and it is our responsibility to enforce them.

If we don't hold our government officials accountable they have no incentive to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The Constitution can not  protect us, if we  don't defend it.

Unfortunately when our Congressional Representatives violate the rules instead of being punished, they are rewarded by the Wall Street bankers and corporations who fund their campaigns.

We can not expect our elected officials to do their job, if we fail to do our job. We must either submit to tyranny or take responsibility. Giving Congress access to our credit cards is like giving the keys to your liquor cabinet to a thirsty alcoholic.

We the people elect the representatives, but they take their marching orders from the financial elite. We were supposed to be the employer and the government officials were to be our employees.

For our government to function properly, we must educate ourselves on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility and hold our elected officials accountable.

If we don't govern our government, our government will become our masters and we will become their servants. The only way we can have a government of, by and for the people is for each of us to take responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable.

Representatives who violate the Constitution should be indicted and prosecuted and if found guilty they should be sent to prison for the rest of their lives.

The Constitution is not a contract, it is the Supreme Law of the land and it is the responsibility of the people to enforce it.

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Please show me where it is written the 'creature' of 1787 is a rule book.  

The Constitution is a law, not a contract. Not just a set of rules. It corresponds to the bylaws of a corporation. The Constitution does contain a contract, the provision in Art. VII  to go into effect when nine states ratify it. Once that happened that provision became inoperative. By the way, the "articles of confederation" are not the articles of incorporation. The 1774 Articles of Association are.

It is the Supreme  Law  of the Land and it is the responsibility of the people  to enforce it. A law that is not enforced is ceases to be a law.

The fed constitution is the charter / contract to exist created by the states.  While the different state constitutions are suppose to be the charter / contract between state-only citizens and the gov they created, the fed constitution is the contract with the states that gave the fed gov life.

Thus, with the proper number of states concurring, the contract could be nullified resulting with the states going back to simply being independent sovereign countries where once again, only whites could be citizens until such time as the state constitutions could be amended. In such a situation, fed jurisdiction in the states would once again cease and the common law would be the law of the states as they took on the status of republics again.

Is the constitution of 1787(89) really a legal document? Is it a Charter for a corporation?!? Who did/does it represent/serve .. the original thirteen colonies? The United States of America? The United States? Or, the United States? If this were indeed the Constitution of this country then why do we not ever have standing? President Trump's Immigration Ban was thrown out even though he 'supposedly' had standing, and this was obviously a constitutional matter. Who does this Creature/document serve? Does the tail wag the dog?

I have read that all 74 delegates (of which only 70 were appointed & 55 actually attended, 39 witnessing the one signer, George Washington) of the 1787 constitutional convention were to agree/ratify on any amendments. However, doors were shut, amendments were dismissed, and the convention was carried on in secrecy with the incomplete group of 39 (15 refused to sign) witnessing the signing of this document thus abandoning our original government, The Articles of Confederation! However, the organic original government of 1781 has been reclaimed by The Government of The United States of America .

It appears that every president that has been sworn into office has taken his oath to the UNITED STATES.  What happened to the The United States of America? What happened to us?  Oh, we don't have standing. Sigh!

I would submit that the Constitution is for all intents and purposes is a contract - between the States and the Federal government giving both powers and limits on both. 

A Republic is a form of government with a weak central government with limited powers and strong unlimited State governments. So, the Real power lies in the many States.

The powers and limits thereof granted to the states by their citizens were fully expressed in the individual state constitutions.  In regard to the rights of the citizens of the states, the only authority the fed gov was granted over a state was to be able to force a state to exist within the limited powers the citizens had delegated to it.

Today, under the pretense that everyone is a 14th citizen, which has almost no rights, they state legislatures no longer recognize many limits to their powers.

IT is imperative that all  people understand the difference between "law" and statutes/codes/rules.

The people write the law!  The majority get their version and the minority will just have to live with that.

The Employees (Congress) are instructed to write the Rules (statutes) for the employees to operate under.  Employees are NOT expected to use their heads and act like adults so they must have EVERYTHING in writing.

The problem is that the employees do not like to be controlled so they make EVERYONE obey the Rules for Employees and the people LET THEM!

The solution is for the common law to be applied and the Constitutional Laws enforced AGAINST the employees.  Anyone found to be in violation of the Law will be guilty of TREASON and HUNG!  

That will remove most of the expenses from the State Budget.  In Texas, NONE of the State Employees have taken the MANDATED Oath of Office from Article 16 so they are ALL GUILTY of TREASON!

For any employee to violate ANY statute (and certainly the Constitution), to mean even "Failure to signal a lane change", it is TREASON and their life is forfeit!

Since the Congressmen have allowed attorneys to become Congressmen, they have ALL committed TREASON!  see Article 2 - Separation of Powers.  Along with Article 1 Section 26 - Monopolies shall not exist in Texas!  The TEXAS STATE BAR Association is just expressly such a VIOLATION!  Created by the TEXAS Supreme Court to monopolize the access to the TEXAS Court System to prevent the people from ever having control of their courts.

I would contend that statutes / codes / rules are in fact law.  They are, however, not law under the common law recognized in a judicial branch trial court.  Please let me explain.  The true citizens of a state are suppose to be under the common law and protection of their state constitution.  They can only constitutionally be held to answer in a judicial branch [ common law ] court.  Each law has to stand alone complete with an enacting clause.  The book 'The Authority of Law' by Charles A Weisman explains it very well.

The state statutes / codes are all part of one large mass of statutes / codes and all volumes are 'enacted' every two years as modified by the state legislature.  This is for those people that hold citizenship due to the 14th amendment.  These 'laws' are enforced in legislative branch / statutory courts and they are actual law for 14th / fed citizens where ever they are.

The communist controlled trial courts / gov has an official policy of subjecting state-born whites to these legislative courts and the 'statutes'.  Such an official policy constitutes a true act of war upon them.

The Constitution is not "common law". It is positive law. "Common law" is the (discovered) principles of justice expressed in court precedents. 
"Fourteenth Amendment citizens" are just U.S. citizens who have lived in a state long enough to become state citizens. The "policy" of subjecting state born whites to the same laws that all other U.S. citizens are subject is not an act of war against them.

The state constitutions were common law documents for the state-only citizens.  All others have always been under old Roman civil law.  The common law of the states basically only allowed for crimes in which someone or their property was harmed. Commerce excluded.

If you study up  on the 14th, it creates a citizenship of the United States / fed gov, which is exclusively under municipal / old Roman civil law. This is a system of law that sees the gov as sovereign with almost unlimited powers.  To impose that on state-born whites as official policy constitutes an act of war.

If you study up on the 14th it creates a citizenship of very few rights - which is why commercial laws can be imposed on private actions.

Jon, you really need to study what I posted and carefully research what the 14th created.  If you wish to contact me, please do so at  I have been aware of you for a long time and not understanding the true nature of the 14th, the system of law of the United States / fed gov and the fact that a statutory court is a legislative branch court and not a judicial branch court appears to have kept you from grasping the fraud the gov has been imposing for decades.

No, it is you who don't understand. "Common law" is abstract principles of justice discovered by judicial process. If it is in writing, such as a constitution. it is not common law, although commentaries on court decisions are used as a written guide (e.g. Coke and Blackstone). 

There are courts to adjudicate statutes, such as bankruptcy and admiralty courts, but the District and Appellate courts are Article III courts, not Article I courts.

You completely misunderstand the 14th Amendment. You need to study what I have written on the subject.

There is an influence from Roman and French civil law, but that has almost nothing to do with constitutions, national or state. We have the Roman Civil law on our website. Read it.

 You have bought into some patriot mythcrap. It is fake law. 


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