Forming organizations to share your love for shooting, hunting, tracking, or any other activity is a natural social activity for people. We come together in society to share our passions and socialize with others who share them; it is part of the human experience. Forming lobbying organizations to protect your rights on the other hand can be fraught with danger, since there is no one that can protect your rights better than yourself, either in community or individually if necessary. When we delegate the preservation of our natural rights to others, we put everything we possess into their hands and trust they will act as we would; in my opinion, trusting relative strangers with such responsibility is foolish.

Many of the organizations that Americans have come to rely on for the protection of their rights have lost their way; assuming of course, they actually began for that purpose in the first place. Over the years these organizations, dedicated to the preservation of one natural right or another, have brought in millions of dollars from concerned people in order to prevent the government from infringing on them. Considering the size and number of these organizations and the billions, if not trillions of dollars spent over the years, you would think we'd still be the freest society on the planet!

Organizations have more of a financial incentive to compromise and keep the fight going, not definitively end the battle. Your contribution to the organization increases proportionately with any perceived threat to the right they claim to be defending. When someone profits from a circumstance, no matter what that circumstance is, they will continue to assure the circumstance continues in order to continue to profit from it. You only profit when your rights are secure from those that attack them, not putting your trust in those that compromise them away for their gain.

Organizations claiming to defend our rights exist because people support them; like government, they produce nothing in and of themselves except perhaps by licensing their trademark and logos on t-shirts, cups, and other materials; or publishing magazines or other publications in furtherance of their stated purpose(s). Even so, sales of such items are only successful if people desire them and support the organization selling them. The lion's share of revenue for such organizations comes from membership fees and contributions.

All such organizations justify their existence by "fighting" threats to our rights in some fashion or another; lobbying government officials to not support Acts of the legislature that in some manner usurps them. The problem with this process is that the legislature shouldn't even have Acts, Bills, Resolutions, or other official actions that contravenes the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Furthermore, there should be no need for lobbying public servants sworn to support and defend the Constitution to not contravene it; these groups should be demanding that the oath be respected.

From where I sit today, I will not financially support any organization that pleads, lobbies, petitions, or otherwise panders to the whims of politicians when it comes to our natural rights, protected by the Bill of Rights either enumerated or not. The Constitution and Bill of Rights prohibit such usurpation; officials violating their oath are committing a criminal offense. In my opinion, oath violating officers should be summarily removed from their seats by the appropriate sworn authority or if necessary by the people themselves, either organized as Militia, or individually. We have a natural right of self-defense and should exercise it when our rights are attacked by those sworn to secure them.

Organizations that lobby and pander to politicians seem more interested in the conflict, not winning against usurpation; they get caught up in the act of compromise, which converts the rights they're supposedly defending into privileges. When a right is secure and the government is conducting itself appropriately there is no fight, only peace. As an appropriate example, people don't contribute to gun rights organizations when there is no threat and revenue for those organizations drops proportionately; such organizations thrive on the fight not the end of the usurpation.

In my opinion, there has been no real threat to our right to keep and bear arms since December 15, 1791, only perceived threats created by those violating their oaths through legislation that is void on its face. Organizations formed for the defense of all our rights are called Militias, which are the very reason the right to keep and bear arms was enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Militias are the people at arms, organized for the defense of the natural rights (life, liberty, and property) of the community. When government attacks our rights, it loses its legitimacy in the American system, which then justifies calling up that Militia to repel such attacks.

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