In response to Obama's latest decree about the insane idea of keeping state funds if the states individually do not comply with the stupid bathroom  decree,, I suggest that the states just keep the money,  it is their money anyway . I am hoping  that people  will also see how the media is distorting the issue to peeping Tom's and perverts, who actually are more of the natural law, while not revealing the real agenda, the gender confused abominations who just keep moving get  forward (another socialist term) with their agenda. It is time people. We need a Civil War.If we don't want the next evil thing in America we had better stop them now.War keeps the peace.

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To clarify  , I am expressing that the states have We the People in the state held positions, and then we pay them . I also suggest that the states withdrawl from the union asap. I do not lightly  suggest war, however Jesus said that He had come to divide. Division is also  required.  Move to Judeo Christian  principles within communities   or stay with the world. In addition,  we must start living our Christian  principles , even in the public square, because  previously  we have failed in our witness. That is why we are in the mess we are in.


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