Our government is like a spoiled child. When a child or a government has a set of rules to follow and they know they will never be held accountable  they will continue to misbehave.

When the parents of a disobedient child do not enforce the rules they encourage their children to misbehave.

Do you think it would be a good idea to give an  irresponsible teenager the keys to your car and access to your liquor cabinet?

Giving Congress the authority to spend your money is like giving your credit card to a thirsty alcoholic.

Who is to blame, is it is the irresponsible child or is it the  parent who refuses to hold their child accountable? Our government officials like children who can not resist temptation. If either is not supervised we will pay the price for your negligence.

The Constitution is not a suggestion, it is the rulebook for government officials. Only when the Constitution is strictly obeyed and enforeced can it prevent the abuse of power by our servant government.

When "We the People" start holding our elected officials accountable they will begin to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Please copy this article and submit it to the editor of your local newspaper. You have my permission to share this article with everyone you know.

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It is a good idea to Punish the out of control child. However, the child holds the Shot gun that was in the closet, and is daring the Parent to try to whip him.

What do you do?

Clean the swamp and bring our 'elected official's' home to their respective States so they can be monitored.
Set 'term limits' and guys like you and I run to watch the 'piggy Bank's(:-))

Just how do you that?

We must regain control of the People's House. Currently billionaires are hiring millionaires to be our representatives in Congress. We have of financial aristocrats in our version of the House of Lords representing a mass of debt slaves and peasants.

Only millionaire or people who are willing to sell their souls to the devil can afford to run for Congress. We need to make it possible for ethical men and women to be able to run for Congress. By reducing the size of Congressional Districts to 50,000 we would be able to restore the House of Representatives to the People.

Once the originally proposed First Amendment is ratified by 27 more states it will become our 28th Amendment. With the legislative power currently vested in the hands of 435 representatives there would be approximately 6,400 common folks like you and I representing the people.

These new representatives would then pass legislation to send our Congressmen and women back  to their home districts where they would be supervised by their constituents rather than by the lobbyists, bankers and Wall Street tycoons..

Well it sounds good. But a True Constitutional Representative Position is just a PART TIME JOB.

If Congress were not SOLD OUT to the Rich FED, they would have to Work a normal Job like everyone else.


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