I was on the front line at the Bundy Ranch and there were several women standing with their brethren against tyranny. They did so voluntarily and took their marching orders from their conscience, not from Sheriff Mack or Stewart Rhodes. These women who put their lives on the line demonstrated far more courage than Stewart Rhodes and Richard Mack, who were safely shielded by the hundreds of genuine patriots who stood in between them and the enemy agents.

The dynamic duo, however never missed a photo op or their place in the buffet line. Mack's suggestion that everyone should donate money to him so that he could pay public servants to come to the ranch to support the Bundy family was an insult to the hundreds of individuals who paid their own way.

There were dozens of men and women who came to the ranch with empty pockets and risked their lives. The idea that we should donate money to Richard Mack so that he could compensate public officials for showing up at the Bundy Ranch is absurd.

I understand that Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana was paid by Steward Rhodes and the Oath Keeper's organization to make a public appearance. Many of the grand standing politicians who showed up were there for the photo opportunity and could care less about the rights of the Constitution and the God given rights of the people.

About the same time that Steward Rhodes heard of a potential drone strike on the Bundy Ranch he instructed his loyal followers to abandon the positions they had taken to defend the Bundy Ranch. 

His motives for doing so are unclear. Whether the decision of Stewart Rhodes was or was not appropriated is for you to decide. There were obviously differences between the militia organizations and the Oath Keeper organization and each side defends their position by disparaging the other.

Don't jump to hasty conclusions without doing your homework.

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The jurisdiction over this land is a convaluted situation. It should be the state, maybe Native Americans, maybe Clark County. maybe Cliven Bundy. Then the same could be said for mineral rights. The US Marshall is supposed to be the law enforcement for federal lands then the same us code states it may not be. WOW. Research into what Joseph Story has to say about conflicting laws might be a good idea. Research into this leads to more questions than answers.

I was not there so I have to take your word for it BUT Sheriff Mack and Stewart Rodes have been involved in the Liberty movement from day one and have done much to WAKE people up. I have also heard Stewart's rebuttal to your allegation. I have seen way to many instances where well meaning groups become divisive because they walk around "marking" their territory. You had several groups there each with their own agenda and modes of operations. All the people who showed up deserve some respect. The "politicians" got air time and that made it a national issue about the BLM and Federal government overreach. Most of us understand that if the county Sheriff had done his job none of this would be necessary. If there was a potential drone strike, spreading out to minimize damage would have been the right thing to do. Instead of dissing the various groups that showed up it would make more sense to focus on the BLM; why did they come armed? Who sent the Border Patrol guys etc.? Anyway thats my 2 cents.


You do not stand alone in your thinking !

I'm sure sure the author of this article has made questionable decisions before. I'm sure Oath Keepers and CSPOA will take a look at the total picture. Arm chair quarterbcks will do their job also. Those with low information will offer their opinions too.

You're right there, John, & you know what they say about opinions.....lol

AH - but you missed the point.  They HAVE been paying.  Problem is - the Fed Gov't has declared that land theirs.  First - they declared the tortoises there ENDANGERED.  They then took most of the tortoises to a "rescue" in the Vegas-area.  When they decided they couldn't afford to keep them - they started euthanizing them.  By the way - cattle and tortoises have co-existed for years with NO problems.  SO - now there are no tortoises for them to worry about - so Harry Reid's son is involved with a Chinese company (I believe it is) to put a solar farm there.  Now - the cattle and the solar farm are NOT compatible. 

SO - there ya have it.  Once again, a politician assisting his progeny in ripping off the American citizens!!!!  Wanna be outraged???  Dearest Harry should be your target!  The man HATES us.

Carol, You picked up on some of the problems. NV Constitution started out in 1864 on equal footing with original states, The next paragraph states that we give up claim to land. Then in 1993, 1995 we amended that and now we can claim. The state never exerted that right. That's just a few items. there are several more conflicting situations also. This whole thing is a bag of worms. Now Keith is busting on me about paying the Land lord. OK, Fine who is the Land Lord and what is his justificatoin for his WAG.

Why do Constitutionalists listen to the left wing media and attack our own without the facts. Lets focus on the enemy .

I am a friend of liberty and the truth and take no pleasure in disparaging men whose actions are repugnant to the principles I hold dear. Where were Rhodes and Mack when hundreds of true patriots were on the front line risking their lives?

Both of these men wrap themselves in the Constitution, but their actions speak louder than their words. Frankly, I am disgusted with self proclaimed patriots that seek the spotlight whenever there are funds to be donated.

There were a few who stayed the whole time. There were some like myself who went out several times. I live about 80 miles away in Vegas. I'm not a militia member, Camper, or cowboy. I went out on 3 different occasions. Stuck in freeway construction traffic for more than an hour each time. I left on 3 different ocassions also. Nothing was scheduled, planned, or coordinated. Things happened at their occurance. Yes people ask for money, and use photo ops to their advantage. So What ? The drone strike was discussed with groups and met with doubt by those groups. OK fine, They Left. What's the problem.
That's what Monday morning quarterbacks get paid to figure out. Their comments are usually as valuable as their pay scale.

To those who would fragment the unity that was building betweeen CSA and the CClub...The County Sheriff is the premiere law enforcement officer in his respective county. Thats why i  became so interested in supporting CSA and CC. Some of you seem to have forgotten why this all started up!! It is critical to have them on our side as we try to take our land back from the Federal usurpers!! They can tell the Feds to go pound sand in his/her county!!

Well I kinda knew something was fishy about these Oathkeeper crabs when , after being contacted by them to take part in the Bergen county grand jury , nothing ever happened and was told by one of the recruiting members that sovereigns were not to be included ! Go figure .


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