"Our Constitution Has Been Hijacked"

by Keith Broaders

"Our government has been corrupted, the Constitution has been scrapped
Our leaders have betrayed us, our resources all but tapped

Once we were the sovereigns, that is no longer true
The politicians have assumed that role, to rob both me and you.

Our nation is in trouble and our Republic is at stake
If we are not united, our liberty they will take

Our Founding Fathers warned us, that if we were not alert
The bankers would steal all our money, our trousers and our shirt

It is obvious they have robbed us, it is clear for all to see
We have become but paupers in a land that once was free

Congress is filled with lawyers who are simply nothing more
Than a thieving band of robbers who are stealing from the poor."

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We lost our 'REPUBLIC' in 1871via tge Act of 1871. Ben Franklin warned us when he said:" You have a Republic if you can keep it". We didn't...
The Khazarian Mafia (KM) took over our banks via Federal Reserve, a foreign corporation!
Our Constitution clearly states we shall print and coin our own currency. What Nation would allow the Rothschield's , Khazars, in City of London to print our money and pay %interest% for doing so???
Well, Pres. Woodrow Wilson in 1913 allowed this to transpire.
Sad state of affairs!!!

Let us go back to the real loss of the limits of the Constitution - 1800 and Justice John Marshall passing the Marbury V Madison giving Courts power to say what the Constitution means and says.

Next he went to McCulloch V Maryland giving the Courts the power of "Implied powers"

Then the courts and the legislature let Adams do the Alien Sedition Act and Jefferson to buy Louisiana without Congressional approval- both were major usurpation.

It is up to the people to keep government limited and we have failed since day one.

it is obvious that none of you understand the purpose of creating all of the trust that these politicians have created for you. They created these trusts( the all capital letter name) for you to use. You need to understand who you are. You are  "the beneficiary"and there is a form for you to fill out the claims are you are. It is,"W8-BEN". ."Certificate of foreign status,beneficial owner of the United States tax withholding". The problem does not lie with the Congress or the politicians or the courts. The problem lies with the fact that you do not understand who you really are. From here on out it involves trust law. Example: when you go into the courtroom they ask you to identify yourself."Please state your name". You should answer them," I am the beneficiary". "I appoint you the fiduciary/trustee". "I order you to settle and close this matter and send me the check". For further reference see:  5 CFR-2635-101,"the baby act", fiduciary/trustee duties.

Now let us discuss the SSN. The SSN does not belong to you or the trust. If you read on the back of the new Social Security card they send you it will tell you that that number belongs to the government and they can take away from you if you abuse it. To my daughter story short the SS number is the signature of the government and whatever thing that that number appears on it belongs to the government. Example: your bank account has that number on it. By placing that number there you have just made the government a jointer to that account. They can come in and take it anytime they want to.. Get the picture. By filling out a W-4 form you just gave the IRS power of attorney to use this number to voluntarily file your volunteer taxes.   Stop your contracting with the IRS.   To get rid of all of these government agents all you have to do is appoint them the fiduciary/trustee and ordered him to pay the bills of the trust. The next thing to do is to notify them under the UCC 3-419E that you want to be reimbursed for paying all of the trust bills. Get the picture. You are the beneficiary of all these trusts. You are the one that is supposed to benefit from these trusts not them. Look up the DTC( depository trust company) also, understand what the GSA form SF 91. The bottom half of that form will tell you who you are."The United States warranted contracting officer". Get the picture. The all capital letter name is a vessel of the United States and under the " vessel act"it cannot be taxed and you can order all of the supplies to maintain the vessel because you're standing there with the paperwork that entitles you to which is the birth certificate. (the all capital letter name). Get the picture. Why would anyone in their right mind want to walk off or away from all these trusts that the system has created for you to use. The trust is we're your wealth wise. Get the picture. Have a nice day  Harold B Hayden

The elected or "entrusted" created "trusts"?! ...
Thanks a lot, but hasn't some One way above US all already done that?! ...OR... is that a contradiction in terms or a recreation of "trust"? ...hmm, only "some-Thing" higher than a politician can do that, "thanks" a lot!

True, but who can rely on them honoring such contracts?

Talk with authorities is cheap and hollow, has been hollow for at least a decade, and cheap for at least three, from less than friendly to outright enemies ...from "thanks for contacting us" (fax blasting) to "don't call us we'll call on you" (suing). Obscenities by "authorities" are now a common daily occurrence, victimizing veterans and soldiers are just the latest of obscenities. Suing the masters of suits is not unlike a tribal patient showing a tribe doctor where to stick his needles during surgery ...it just might work, but then again we're not a tribe, the untrusted doc doesn't have arrows pointing at his head and what's worse everyone thinks there's only one doctor ...making and uniting the militias is the most viable solution, this is their day and hour!


The missing 13th Amendment specifically forbid nobility from elections and bar association infiltration ...and guess who made this amendment disappear.

We the People need to reissue the DECLARATION OF iNDEPENDENCE to free ourselves of a tyrannical government that no longer follows the Constitution or the Word of God and ignores We the People.  I am severely disabled due to a recent massive stroke so am limited in how much I can do.


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