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I know this may comes as a shock to you, but what I am about to tell you is absolutely true. We have been told the United States has a $16 trillion national debt and we had a $1.3 trillion budget deficit in 2012. This statement is both true and false. It is true based upon our fictitious budget. It is not true that the government spends more money than it generates. Last year we allegedly spent $3.8 trillion and collected only $2.5 trillion in tax revenue, so Congress claims that we had a $1.3 trillion deficit.

When the return on the government’s investments is considered, they actually brought in substantially more money than the government claims to have spent. So where does the extra go?

In order to justify raising our taxes, Congress must convince us that it is absolutely necessary in order to the close the deficit. They tell us we must cut spending and/or raise taxes. The Democrats say raise taxes while the Republicans say we should cut our spending. What we really need to do is allocate more of the money that is hidden in secret accounts to reduce this imaginary deficit.

According to the Constitution, only Congress has the authority to coin money and regulate its value. The money is being printed by a privately owned corporation doing business as the Federal Reserve. It is backed by nothing and is created out of thin air. The money that we’ve borrowed from the Federal Reserve and the accrued interest is not a legitimate debt. It is in fact, completely fictitious.

The United States also owns over 650 million acres of land and over 400,000 office buildings. Perhaps if the corporation that is masquerading as our government followed the Constitution and was confined to the 10 miles square mandated in Article I Section 8, most of this ceded land would need to be returned to the states. There are tens of thousands of municipal corporations including cities, counties, states, school districts and public universities, libraries, hospitals and pension funds collectively owning 70% of all of the stock in the Fortune 500 Companies.

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There are tens of thousands of municipal corporation such as cities, school districts, golf courses, universities, water districts as well as counties and states that all invest in the Fortune 500 Companies.

If you go to the presentations of Walter Burien, he will verify that what I posted is in fact true. Check our   and

Tom Sharp said:

How does the Federal government own 70% of the Fortune 500. I need some more info than that statement alone.


Go to  & scroll down to the video about pension funds. It's long but well worth your time to watch it. Also to get a brief idea of what goes on in the  local, state & federal government  go to       Our goal is to get people on board with this in order to spread the word, after educating ourselves.   I believe this has to come from We the People.

In Liberty,

Judy O

Marion, Ohio


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