The Five Thousand Year Leap

The reason that this course of study is so important is that it outlines the 28 principles upon which our nation was founded.The things that we believe govern our actions and ultimately determine our destiny. The reason our country is on the verge of destruction is due to the fact that the people have lost their moral compass. In order to restore our Constitutional Republic we must rediscover the principles that were embraced by our Founding Fathers.The 5,000 Year Leap contains the recipe for peace, prosperity and freedom.

The following 14 video presentations are an introduction to the "5,000 Year Leap".
There are a total of 28 principles that are the foundation of sound government.

Lessons from the 5,000 Year Leap

The Princples of Liberty
America's 5,000 Year Leap
The Value of Knowing Principlesl
The Political Spectrum

Natural Law

A Free People Must Be Virtuous

The Proper Role of Government
The Frailties of Leaders
Property Rights
Separation of Powers

Strong Local Self Government
No Entangilng Alliances

Avoid the Burden of Debt
Manifest Destiny


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Very educational information here. Thanks for putting it together for us!!


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