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When the 13 states ratified the Constitution, they authorized the creation of a 14th entity. This entity was to be known as the United States of America. This fiction was designed to strengthen the Union not to control or micro manage the states.This new entity was given the authority to represent and serve the people and the 13 sovereign states.

The Constitution was the document that defined what the government of the United States was authorized to do. Any authority which was not specifically delegated to the national government was reserved to the states and to the people. The government was to have limited power and was to take its marching orders from the people and the governments of the 13 independent states.

Powers not delegated to the national government were to be retained by the states and to the people. The people were to be the masters and their state and national governments were designed to be their servants.

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Keith, this is a favorite and rather sore topic in my mind. 

I often remind folks that the US Constitution governs government, not people.  Americans, the vast amount of them, when asked when they last read the Constitution say they haven't since childhood or even never have. 

A challenge for the Constitution Club is to identify ways to get people interested in reading it.  I have my own ways.  Yet, many more ways are needed. 

Just my thoughts.

This has been a sore spot for me as well. Over 20 years now! How can the Federal Government can take so much power from the people and the States? We as a people need to put the Federal Government in it's rightful place as servant to the people and the States!

Obama needs to be impeached and thrown into a dark prison cell for the rest of his life an long with Czar's as this fool calls them!



On your, "How can the Federal Government can take so much power from the people and the States?"

Actually, we are letting them.  Our Congress is not do their job for the most part, our states are obligated via funding, our education system has ensured compliance and ignorance along Constitutional lines, and US / World History.  

So...they are taking because they can.  Until the people unite and say no, they'll keep doing it. thinking, along with many others, is that we must have a campaign to the people.  

That's what I think on that.

Kenneth, I respectfully submit that the government is incapable of taking the people's power. The 'government' is an inanimate object, a book on a shelf, if you will. It lacks the  ability to 'do' anything.

First, our power, like our rights, come from God. We cannot give them away any more than we can have them stolen from us. Government officials are just a party to the abuse of our rights and the authority we give them--a simple way to extend our power so they can act on our behalf. The other party to this felony is US! We have allowed our bureaucracy to expand well beyond its authority. Until we accept our guilt in this crime against Liberty, we are incapable of correcting it. Once we accept these truths, we empower ourselves to resolve this and all issues confronting us.

Second, we must recognize that in order to resolve these issues, WE must act! Wishing someone else would do something is delusional. Expecting our criminal bureaucrats to suddenly realize the damage they are doing and self-correct, is just silly. And  those who pray to God to fix the mess WE created, is sheer blasphemy. We created (by allowing) this  abomination and it is up to us to fix it--or suffer the consequences.

As long as we blame others for our problems, and expect others to fix them, we will continue to wallow in this misery. What do YOU intend to do about it? I'm working day and night to resolve it, along with several million more Americans, but we need help.

May I respectfully add that GOVERNMENT is a FICTION of the MIND

It doesn't work due to ignorant, uninformed, weak-minded, un-Americans, who only care about their free Obama phones, [and who then go out and buy $700.00 I-phones].

they are greedy, me, me, me, me, people who only want handouts and free stuff and don't know or care who is paying for it.

America is finished if we-the-people keep letting them get away with it.

I truly feel that a new civil war is the only way to rejuvenate America.

Either Nullification or Secession would be more sensible and less costly in blood and treasure.

To all of you:

Apparently, none of you know that the current government is not what you think it is. It is a corporation that was created after Abe Lincoln abandoned the Republic, and was assassinated. The corporation was created in 1871, and the country has been run as a corporation ever since. We, in the re-inhabited Republic, found out about it a few years ago after a couple retired Fed workers exposed to us what had happened. They told us all we had to do was to put all 50 Governors on lawful notice, to get back in, and re-inhabit their "Republic seats", and take their proper Oaths of Office, or they would be replaced. We were told that they would all acquiesce (ignore us), and then we could elect new People to fill the positions that were vacated in 1871.

That is exactly what we did, and the true Republic has been re-inhabited as of 20 November 2010. Go to Once you get registered, remove yourself from the corporate voters registration, and reserve your rights, you will no longer be in the corporate jurisdiction, but will be a part of the legitimate Republic that our Founders set up!

Morton and I exposed a letter from the "Republic" President, James Buchanan Geiger, a few days ago. will go back and refresh my memory on how it was titled, and report back to you.

They were titled "Executive Orders", and then after the Congressional Meeting, I did a follow up on the outcome of the meeting, titled Executive Orders by President James Geiger. The Executive Orders, and the follow up meeting are probably posted on the web site by now. Our own Joseph Cronin on this web site was one of the signers of the documents that went to the Hague in The Netherlands World Court.

Wayne, thanks to you and Morton for this information. I have been searching for some concrete evidence that this Corporation actually exists and is not simply another interesting 'conspiracy theory', to no avail. I am, however, formulating my own theory on the subject that may allow credible imputation of the evidence needed, based on the results of such an entity's existence. Unless you can produce such documentation, it, alas, remains pure speculation.

The legalese problem basically began after the Civil War, after the original 13th Amendment was conveniently left out of the corporate version of the constitution that was drafted in 1871. There was a reason it was left out, to enable the BAR, British Accreditation Registry registrants permitted in this country, WITHOUT PUNISHMENT, if they got caught in Public Service jobs.

The Marriage License (all licenses are about commerce) and Birth Certificate (a warehouse receipt claiming ownership by the government) were both introduced to society after the Civil War.

There are other signs of it also, but I'm not recalling them at the moment.

Blacks are fighting for a renewal of the voting rights act.Are we included? If so please forward all pertinent info and references,my community is ready for relieve and justice.Thanks in advance.


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