Here's an idea for you. Let's make a questionnaire designed to trap people in their own ignorance. For instance maybe one about recycling, etc. like so, sample questionnaire:

Recycling - Yes or Know?

1. Did you know that over 79% of plastic products end up in landfills across the nation? Only 21% are re-purposed or recycled. [first trick question designed to disarm in order to set the trap, because we already know the answer is almost always "No"]
2. Do you think that this situation is acceptable, or would you condemn such results? [second trick question designed to close the trap, because we know the answer is, again, almost always "No"]
[The rest of the following questions are designed to catch them unaware in admitting that they themselves are guilty of being part of the problem at the same time they're pointing the finger at someone else.]
[Once they see their scored results, it's GOTCHA TIME! Love this kind of thing as an eye-opener for the ignorant masses to trap them in their own ignorance and apathy]
3. Do you Recycle ALL of your plastic, aluminum, glass and newspapers?
4. Do you try to stay away from ALL use of styrene foam containers?
5. Do you Reduce your "footprint" by buying in bulk whenever possible?
6. Do you cook for yourself instead of eating out?
7. Do you compost to keep your bio-degradables out of the environment? These bios create volatile & greenhouse gasses that leave a "footprint"; an impact on Mother Earth that has to be addressed once allowed to exist.
8. Do you save durable plastic containers for use in food storage, etc.?
9. Have looked online or tried your own ideas, to find new and different ways to reinvent/remake plastic and other containers in to useful everyday items?
(like, for instance, cutting a 64oz. drink bottle in half, using the bottom as a pencil/pen holder and the top as a funnel, etc. Turn the same bottle upside down, cut off the bottom only and turn it into a planter, or fill it with sand and charcoal to make a water filter.)
10. Have YOU actually reduced YOUR footprint to an absolute minimum by doing ALL of the above? And last but not least;
11. Do you make a concerted effort in YOUR town to bring these kind of changes to other people?
It's a great way to begin a conversation about "The Great Fraud" that is our reality today. The same reality that people are in denial about. A great paradigm shift is in order and this might be a good way to get the conversation started in YOUR neighborhood as well as across the nation.
You could move from this straight to things like:
the 3 cent stamp, 
the corporate U.S., 
Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, etc.
Comments? Questions? Answers?

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